Horse toilets? Huh?

It’s Saturday and you know what KW does on Saturday mornings when she is home on the Planet Ann Arbor. She walks down to the farmers market, roight? And so I did and man oh man, I stopped at the first stand I came to and felt like I had been dumped into an episode of Portlandia. It wasn’t the vendors. It was the young baby-wearing couple ahead of me. Doi de doi de doi… What is the difference between all of these potatoes and where did you grow them and how did you grow them? Etc., etc., ad nauseam. I was tapping my foot (in my mind) thinking, “I could get in and outta here in two minutes and most of that time would be taken up by me fumbling around with my money/backpack/bags because I do not have six hands”. In the end it was all good and I was annoyed with myself for being annoyed but sometimes you just have to wonder how some people are gonna make it through life… But they do… And some trees are flowering…


…and some not so much (but maybe they aren’t supposed to, at least not in a spectacular way) but look at that blue sky!


And here’s the pasta lady and I don’t think I’ll ever buy pasta at the grocery store again, well, except when I do because of course I will. Anyway, I bought a bag of butternut squash ravioli today. I already have a bag of asparagus ravioli in the freezer. I stocked up *anyway*. I love the lobster ravioli but tend to save that for speshul occasions.


These bikes are available for people to rent and it’s interesting that apparently there are certain low points in town where most of the rental bikes end their trips. People apparently like to ride bicycles downhill but uphill not so much. Who knew?


After a morning of chores and errands, etc., I walked down to the Griz for lunch with the GG. We love “our” bartender Janell. She’s an A student. Like I always have been. The difference is that she dropped out of high school and is on her first journey through college. I won’t tell her age. I always thought she was younger than my beach urchins but I dunno why I thought that because not quiiiite so much. Anyway, we have similar opinions about group prodjects and dealing with people who don’t (or can’t) contribute.

And then there is the NEW FENCE they put up on the north side of “my woods”. I have mixed feelings about this. For YEARS, the fence has been broken down further and further as trees fall or explode or whatever. I would prefer no fence at all but I don’t think anyone cares what I think about the fence. At any rate, does anyone want to place any bets on when the next tree will fall over and destroy the new fence?


Finally, here I am walking down through my fave Miller Woods and it is sooooo much greener than yesterday!


Love you all! KW.

4 Responses to “Horse toilets? Huh?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would love to be able to walk down to our Farmers Market, but it would be quite a ways. It’s about 10 minutes away by car.

  2. Pooh Says:

    When we were in Montreal a few years ago, we rented “Bici” there. Our friends who had visited there before pointed out the trucks that collect the Bici at night and redistribute them. Montreal is on a river, and many people ride the Bici down to Old Montreal by the river and leave them there, taking public transportation back up. We did ride back up hill to our hotel, but chose not to ride up Mont Real (Royal Mountain). Our friend Phil did ride up Mont Real, and the 60 miles(?) to the lodge in the Eastern Cantons.

  3. Pooh Says:

    P.S. Horse Toilets??

  4. Tonya Says:

    That pasta looks wonderful! I LOVE farmers markets! And you’re right—that blue sky is amazing!