“Oh, deer”

deerI was walking along my normal morning route solving the problems of the universe or at least the more raggedy parts of my shambling fambly in my mind [or not, alas, O brother where art thou?]. And then I looked up and… Oh, deer. [I am borrowing the title from two people, one a facebook friend and one an Instagram friend. Both are real-life friends.]

I was transfixed by this pair and posted it on facebook (and Instagram) as I was walking this AM. If you are friends with me on facebook [chortle-snicker-snort-wink] you might have seen that post and the interesting comments that followed it. We have a LOT of deer here on the Garden Planet Ann Arbor. Our city is a huge garden with large wooded parks, etc., and that makes a wonderful habitat for deer. Alas, deer can be problematic for people who hit them with automotive vee-hickles or grow large gardens full of food and so the City Council in their Infinite Wisdom held a deer cull over the winter with sharpshooters and the whole works. They closed some of our favorite parks every weeknight from 4PM to 7AM for several months. I am not against hunting, especially when it feeds people (read the book Station Eleven), but I was not in favor of the deer cull. It was a highly contentious issue in our city, I will say that.

Walking downtown to the Oscar Tango tonight, I met Gracie in Miller Woods. A beautiful big brown and black nine-year-old doggy looking for love. And then there were the babiest of baby ducklings swimming around at West Park. I do not know when they hatched but they were not around last Saturday.

I probably bored Diane talking about the bosses of my childhood career, mostly Byron. Byron was kind of a Mr. Milquetoast in a lot of ways but for whatever reason, the child Lizard Breath was afraid of him. Like once when we pulled up in front of the building waiting for the GG to come out and take the car (and kids) home for the day while I went in to work, Liz suddenly dived down onto the floor in the back seat yelling “Mom! Byron’s coming!” Byron was the last person I was afraid of and it was all I could do to keep from laughing, or maybe I did laugh. Sorry kiddo 💜

When I first worked for Byron I was 25 years old. He was around 10 years older than me and maybe because he had thinning hair, I thought he was older than you-know-what. But we got along and I cannot count how many years he more or less left me to run the place while he was hanging out in the parking lot or wherever doing whatever. He has been dead for quite a few years now so I feel somewhat free to post stuff like this but this is as far as I will go tonight or maybe ever. Miss you my old friend, my childhood boss.

2 Responses to ““Oh, deer””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like deer, even though I know they are destructive. I’ve worked with great, adequate and terrible bosses, but thankfully most of them have been good. There was one terrifying administrator from Texas though…

  2. D Says:

    Enjoyed the Byron stories, retirement stories, cleaning up stories, hair pick stories, extensive research stories, … and all the ‘dear’ stories. 🙂 …