I spent the morning with my new buddy in India

Make no mistake, I love (in a work kind of way of course) my new colleagues in India. They introduce a new dimension to my job in that sometimes when I get to work in the morning, I can’t just schlep in to work and hang out in my cube for a while until I figger out what I do for a living. Nowadays, when I get there, I often wake up to email from our new colleagues over in India. I love interacting with them, especially Inderdeep. I love his name and I think that India is going to take over the world.

So, the [newly retaaarrred] GG headed off on a mission that he promised last Labor Day weekend. He went looking for a table that Henry Sherman had carved his name on back when he went to college at the University of Michigan shortly after the turn of the *last* century. 1906 to be precise. Here is the Tap Room in the Umich student union. We don’t think they serve beer here by the way.


And then there is this table that for some reason has been included in the wall in the Umich student union.


Sherman. Henry Sherman carved his name into this table back in 1906.


Henry Sherman is the father of a few of my dad’s best friends and the granddaddy of my buddy Dan and his siblings and cousins. I love this and I know that Henry would be glad that Dan and I grew up knowing each other and have re-connected as adults. That is all and love is all there is.

2 Responses to “I spent the morning with my new buddy in India”

  1. jane Says:

    very cool – I don’t think I’ve seen that table top or the tap room. as for India – just got off a 7:00 am call with a couple India co-workers. I don’t always love it the way you do, but it is an interesting cultural learning experience!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Love the connections and the history in this post!