Luuuuucy I’m [already] home!

One of the things I am already missing during this retaaaarment gig (the GG, NOT me, I am now the “breadwinner” of the fambly [tee-hee]) is when he walked in the front door and yelled, “Luuuuucy, I’m home!” It was loud enough that the whole neighborhood could hear it. When I got home today, this is what I encountered.


So, on your first day of retaaaarment, what do you expect to do? Sleep in a wee bit (not that much here though, given that we are morning people). Tinker around the house or Lyme Lounge, walk 10-20 miles (that’s what my dad did every day for *years* after he retired – at 61). Alas, the GG had to mess around with Comcast this morning.

When I got up this morning, we had no internet service. I made a couple of executive decisions about this. 1) I am not going to try to unravel this. The GG has nowhere to be this morning, he can deal with it. (Er, also, I have long ago lost track of how to troubleshoot the routers and switches and modems and stuff in the house.) 2) I am not going to wake him up. I can do internet stuff on my phone and he can figure it out later.

Well. He couldn’t find any problems at the house so he called (but couldn’t get to a PERSON) but it turned out that our problems were not the usual things that you can solve by restarting a modem/router/switch/whatever. We had been cut off for not paying the bill. I used to panic about things like this but I did not panic today. I thought something like, “We have automatic bill payment. How the hell could we be cut off?” Research ensued.

Comcast apparently stopped our automatic payment after our household checking account paid the February bill. Why did they do that? Somebody told the GG that they would sometimes do that kind of thing if there were insufficient funds in the account to pay the bill. Not so much and that was the bum’s rush. I watch the household checking account and, if it gets close to the minimum $500 (like maybe $2,000), I make sure it gets topped up. Just like I do with automotive vee-hickle gasoline tanks.

We never figgered out why they cut us off. We did figger out that they were emailing me at my COMCAST ACCOUNT to notify me about bills coming due. It has been YEARS since I have logged into that email account. Jeebus.

It’s all okay. I paid everything in one fell swoop. Internet service came back on. We set up text message alerts to avert this kind of crap happening again. I filed the whole thing under the heading 💩 happens. I got taaarrred of the text messaging I was doing with the King of Cryptic Text Messages and told him “bye and maybe you could build some new steps”. I was kidding about the steps but look what I found when I got home today.


Well, and then there was THIS new artifact, which is a new purchase that I gave my blessings to but have some trepidation about [wink].


Love you, old boy. That is about all for now.

One Response to “Luuuuucy I’m [already] home!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate monstrously huge bureaucracies like comcast. They came to fix a problem and caused another one. Now I just hope for continuing service because I do love my internet, my occasional TV and my phones to work.