Pick me up on Arborview and we’ll wing it from there

So there I was walking up Arborview and no fewer than *two* Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheens were coming toward me. Fortunately I managed to pick the right one. The one the Grumpy Growler was driving rather than the one the Serial Killer was driving. Or more likely a Soccer Mom.

From there we headed out to Our Hiking Lake, aka West Lake Preserve, for a small morning hike in beautiful misty, drizzly type weather. Beautiful and I figured out that I like that particular preserve so much because it contains a wide variety of terrain in a small number of acres: fields, marshes, forest, lakeshore. I think I will hold my pics from that back today though and post them later this week when I am head down over at Cubeland and don’t have anything much to talk about.

Instead I will try to show you what we did this afternoon, which was the Waterhill music festival down (and up) in the neighborhood of the same name. We love this festival and associated neighborhood so here are less than wonderful pics that might give you an idea of what this festival is all about. Our first stop was at this beautiful green and purple house. This is the GG’s pic. I tried to do a similar thing but mine was half-*ssed 🐗


We loved this band enough to actually sit down and listen to it for more than one or two songs. We were getting up to move on to whatever next caught our fancy when someone yelled, “Kayak Woman!” It took me a minute to process that it was FZ, who I have seen almost literally every day for the last going-on-nine years over at Cubeland. I got to meet his beautiful wife and then. And then. And then. Some other people saw us talking to FZ and his wife and recognized us and galumphed over to figure out how *we* knew FZ. The galumphers turned out to be a couple of card-carrying members of the old Haisley Mafia that we have known forever. And and and… The Haisley Mafia dad and FZ’s wife are SIBLINGS! WHO KNEW? They were at Waterhill to have fun but also to listen to FZ’s son’s band. He is the percussionist, on the left in the [bad] photo. 💜 That is all.

We eventually moved on. We declined to sign a Snyder recall (governor) petition. I always decline those but I *always* clarify that I do not like Snyder. I just don’t think a recall is a good use of resources at this time. Our next stop was Khalid Hanifi, at this house.


I generally like to wander Waterhill kind of randomly but I always make it a point to see the Fumblin’ Tumbleweeds. They will probably never play at Carnegie Hall but I think they don’t give a you-know-what about that. They are wonderful in that you can tell they are all having a great time doing what they are doing whether or not they are totally in tune. I have to tell you, as a person who once spent toooooooooooo much time worrying about whether I was in tune or not, I kind of LOVE when people who are playing music are NOT always in tune. Also, they always play the Tumbling Tumbleweed song that I remember from when I was a kid and my parents played western swing-type records. I didn’t tear up hearing them do that song today but it did take me back. Here’s a link to one of the songs my parents loved. Beware that there may be and an ad… Anyway, I 💜 the Fumblin’ Tumbleweeds.


And then we saw Dick Siegel of “We’ll eat at Angelo’s” fame at his own house (I think it’s his house, I could be wrong, maybe Snopes knows). I didn’t even try to take a pic of that group because with all of the people around, it was almost impossible. BTW, there was a rolling lemonade/homemade snack wagon staffed by children at this event. I didn’t buy anything but I love that Waterhill is all about families. We walked over to Corndaddy. I loved Corndaddy. Ruby (the child) danced the entire time and a couple of adult women joined her. I was rocking back and forth with them in the street.


We walked up the hill to see Kathy and Bill and they were good and look at that beautiful house (although I like my own little Landfill).


And there was this wonderful young film crew wandering around. It was hard to get a good picture of them and this was the best I could do. They were *very* careful about noticing what few automotive vee-hickles were driving through.


The Bach Bengals were not the last group we listened to but I have to include them because they show that this festival welcomes musicians of all levels. Were they in tune? Not necessarily. Did they all play the right notes? Probably not. Will all of them grow up to be professional musicians? Doubtfully. Were they good? Yes yes yes yes! They were absolutely fabulous!


After the music fest, we toddled back up the hill to home. And so good night and an end to another wonderful weekend. Love you all, KW.

2 Responses to “Pick me up on Arborview and we’ll wing it from there”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Amazing festival–I remember you posting about it last year. It sounds like great fun!!

  2. jane Says:

    in your Fumbling Tumbleweeds pic – far left is my friend Nina and far right is her boyfriend Tom. 😉