Good times.

It’s late and we didn’t really do anything much more than the usual Saturday stuff. Like the farmers market early in the morning and the Griz for lunch and Argus for tomatoes and to see friends there. I asked the GG if he wanted to walk home via woods or coins. He chose coins and so I left a couple of quarters there. We were lucky enough to get home before it started raining and then we drove out to Larry’s mower shop to buy a chainsaw but Larry closed at 3:00 so we were outta luck with that.

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful evening we spent with so many old friends. It was Goose Mom’s significant birthday. She used to live around two corners from me but she moved down to Austin Texas a while back. But wait! Her daughter (and husband) now live here on the beautiful Garden Planet Ann Arbor and so a surprise party was planned here at The Beautiful Wendy’s house, which is only a few blocks from here but it was raining cats and dogs, so we drove over there.

What can I say? I couldn’t even get to the whine without being waylaid by old friends. What are you doing? What are your kids doing? Etc., etc., etc. I did find some whine but I didn’t drink very much of it because I kept running into more old friends to talk to and we just kept going on and on and on into the happy lives we have grown into. So much fun.

Love you all, KW

One Response to “Good times.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That does sound like a lot of fun. It’s why we stay in familiar places so that we can enjoy those relationships and the memories and connections. There are some down sides to it too. There can be a few too many connections and prying eyes for someone like me who lives in my hometown, about two minutes away from the house where I grew up and teaches at my old high school.