TGIF at the end of a Very Heavy Week

But not one without lots of laughter. We did our usual thing this Friday and I noticed that one of my fave urbanP spots is starting to grow some cover again. UrbanP in this spot is always a bit dicey. I don’t even think about it in the winter.


The GG received a retaaaarment gift of powterization in this Digital Voice Recorder box which did *not* contain a digital voice recorder. A discussion of gift packaging ensued. The Commander was well known for rather benignly and unthinkingly packaging gifts in unrelated boxes. Apparently this kind of thing is an *art* in npJane’s branch of the Fin fambly. That does not surprise me at all. Last week our friends of powterization surprised us with a pile of ancient junk mail. You know where that went, roight? Interestingly enough, our friends took this box home with them. You know where I wouldda put it, roight? 🐸


npJane was a surprise participant in our Oscar Tango fun fun fun tonight, albeit a welcome one. We accepted a ride home from her in return for a wee nightcap in the Lyme Lounge and it *was* wee because 130 proof. There’s the GG holding up his 130 proof retaaaarment gift (from somebody at his work) bourbon there (with mixing water on the table because 130) and npJane’s red pants on the right. Come to think of it, I had red tights on tonight so we were kinda matchy matchy in a way.


Despite the fact that the Lyme Lounge is connected to them thar intertubes (at least when it is parked next to the Landfill) and can charge various devices, I was having too much fun to do my blahg earlier so I’m cobbling it together now.


Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    This post just came through my feed, weird. So the R is a done deal?