We have got to stop meeting like this but at least this time we have not met by the bacon 🐽

epaSo, I was going through the Plum Market checkout for about the umpteenth time this week and the person behind me, after I had already paid and was moving on, was making sure the cashier knew that she was the mother of the bagging person so she could get the employee discount. I was about to reply to that with I-dunno-what because I have a relative working at the Plum but I don’t ever ask for the discount even when I am with that person but then somebody was hailing me down at the end of the checkout counter.

It was one of my fave Haisley Mafia moms ever, Lairi the Rake’s mom. We commiserated about the things in our lives that are the same. Like we’ve had childhood jobs and adult jobs with a space in between where we did a lot of volunteer work. And then we both went back to work. She went first, as a teacher and I went later as a systems analyst. Now our husbands, who have worked their butts off forever, want to retire and we are kind of not ready. And we both have property on beaches in the yooperland and I dunno, we just think alike. We are soul mates in so many ways.

Man oh man, was I glad to meet my old friend today. I needed that today. It has been a brutal week around these parts and in some ways I am looking for a solid place to put my foot. I think the last time I wrote that kind of post was the day after my brother died and I was faced with driving to the yooperland to pick up my *absolutely destroyed* elderly parents to take them down here to his funeral. Not fun in any way shape or form and I will never forget my dad saying that he was *not* going to go into that funeral home.

So, the EPA. Today was the GG’s last day at the EPA. 37 years. Computer Scientist and nationally infamous expert on automotive emissions testing. He would kill me if I said anything more about his [pretty darn illustrious] career there. My “childhood” career was also at the EPA and I miss the folks I worked with there then. Love all of the folks who are still there plus the many who have retired.

8 Responses to “We have got to stop meeting like this but at least this time we have not met by the bacon 🐽”

  1. elizabeth carter Says:

    Congratulations, this is a really biiiiig deal. Hooray.

  2. l4827 Says:

    HR GG. Remember to sleep in a bit ….

  3. Margaret Says:

    Congrats and best wishes–but it WILL require lots of adjustments for both of you. That’s the hard part.

  4. Jay Says:

    WOW – can’t wait to join you.
    But alas, it will be several years

  5. Sam Says:

    Great, grand happiness to you both—

  6. jane Says:

    way to go! I must stop by with some liquid refreshment!!

  7. jan miller Says:

    Wow congrats and enjoy!! I know you will have great fun in your retirement!!

  8. Paulette Attie Says:

    Happy Retirement, GG! You will be soooooo happy to be the master of your own time!