Switching from bad nitsy stuff to good nitsy stuff

rootsystemFirst of all, if you are driving, please turn off your phrickin’ phone! Last week it was tailgaters. This week I keep getting behind people going 10-15 miles BELOW the speed limit. What is up with that? I am not [usually] a speed demon. I enjoy a nice calm drive to work in the morning and I do the speed limit or close to it when I can. When you are ahead of me and going significantly slower than the limit and randomly stepping on the brake, you are annoying. When I finally get to a place where I can see what you are doing and you are looking down at your hand rather than at the road, I see red. Driving is (most of the time) enjoyable! Put the phrickin’ phone down and enjoy it already.

This morning, after getting stuck behind a couple of slowpokes, I got to the S. Maple/Scio Church 3-way intersection where I ALWAYS turn right on red — when it is safe to do so of course. I was behind two vee-hickles and the light was red but the traffic was favorable for turning right so why wasn’t the person in front turning right? I did not know. I was annoyed. I honked. A couple of times. And then… NO TURN ON RED. A new sign with an orange flag on it. Whaaaa? I do not know why that intersection needs a NO TURN ON RED sign. I was/am annoyed about that. I think it’s going to hose that normally smooth intersection. I also felt like an *SS for honking at the poor person at the head of the line who SAW the sign and obeyed the law. Jeebus, KW. Get a grip. (I wanted to be able to “ping” that vee-hickle and say I was sorry. When will we be able to do that? Will it make life better or worse, as in will people ping other people saying [hostilely], “get off yer phrickin’ phone”.)

You wouldn’t understand my work but suffice it to say that we have a wonderful new QA “resource” in India (Inderdeep, which, in my opinion, is the coolest name ever and I hope he doesn’t google himself and find this paint-drying blahg) who ROCKS! I am finishing up a prodject in which I had to make minor changes on about a billion pages throughout our huge, sprawling, high-fidelity proto-type. I knew I had missed some pages. This new QA person filed a defect listing *every* page that had issues and stated what they were. I hate when our prototype is inconsistent and I LOVE when someone politely points out problems with it. As I have said before, India is going to take over the world.

Eek! What’s for dinner? With some trepidation, I bought baby bok choy at the farmers market last weekend, willing myself to make a stir-fry soon. I knew that I would have trouble scheduling it in because when I get home from work, I don’t really feel like doing a whole lot of food-prep. It seems as though after work is when I write my blahg these days and so… I won’t try to articulate my big stir-fry problem. It involved chicken breast or lack thereof, frozen or not but you do NOT want to traverse KW’s brain. I did not want to mess with defrosting frozen chicken breasts or cut them up. What to do. I walked to the Plum to get a couple of other ingredients that I wanted and when I went up to the meat counter to look at the chicken, they had chicken already cut up for stir-fry, which I should’ve known.

Oh yeah, and then I fergot that this is the first day that I managed to obtain asparagus from Farmer John. That was a good thing and it’s in my stir-fry tonight.

That is about it. As you can tell, not a lot happened today but that can be a good thing.

3 Responses to “Switching from bad nitsy stuff to good nitsy stuff”

  1. Le Marquis Says:

    So, traffic and dinner? That’s the best that you have? Did I miss anything or did you just leave it out?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Good morning, Mark and thank you for your comment 🙂 Mark is a family member (by marriage) who blahgs at regenaxe.com. Go on over there give him some hits!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Stir fry is yummy but a lot of prep. I don’t cook much any more. 🙁 I’ve almost been hit several times by people on phones, which is terrifying and frustrating!