KW in Wonderland doin’ a bit o’ gubmint work

24hours3I touched base with the Queen Bee yesterday (she is a short-timer and I am gonna miss her oh boy oh boy) about where I was in my current work. I said that I would be looking for new things to do soon but that I had enough “clean-up” work that I wasn’t quiiiite into the thumb-twiddling stage yet. She relayed this to the LSCHP at a manager’s meeting, the result being that I received a little warning (from the Queen Bee) when she got in this morning that the LSCHP might need help with some gubmint-type work.

Sure enough, he soon sidled around the corner into my cube with a little “heh heh, I heard you needed something to do.” That means that he needs a “non-union” type person to help with “union” pay-scale type work. In this case it turned out to be boxing up a few old dead routers to mail back to the mother ship. Really, I don’t get asked to do gubmint-type work very often and *most* of the time, when I do, it involves helping decorate sabotage someone’s cube. And yes, I can hang ghosties up via ectoplasm or blow up plastic cats, etc.

This work was interesting mainly because I got to go over to Wonderland, which is a locked room in a part of the building that we long ago chunked off to another tenant and only a few people have *ever* been in Wonderland. It is a Snake Pit and I really wanted to sneak a pic but I wasn’t sure that would be cool given the required security of our industry even though everything in Wonderland is obsolete and we are getting rid of it. The rest of this little prodject was not all that fun, boxing up heavy pieces of crap into boxes that they don’t really fit into and trying to pad them with random materials. I was overdressed for this kind of activity but I did get my default 10K steps in a lot earlier than usual.

I asked KennyP for mailing tape and she launched into one of her righteous tirades: “Why did he ask *you* to do that? Why didn’t he ask me?” She was only taking care of me as one of her baby chicks, even though her grandmother is likely younger than me. I told her that I had made the mistake of telling someone I was low on things to do and also that I had no clue about what the Master Plan was as it was in the LSCHP’s head and changed every two seconds. I’ve been working for him for going on nine years now and this is not new territory for me 🐽

After that little adventure, the LSCHP was back over in Wonderland, where he didn’t seem to need me any more so I migrated back to my cube and found questions from dev and QA in my email. That plus a meeting with TQB and Cube Nayber netted me a bunch of the kind of work that they actually pay me for. I was busy with that (and meetings) the rest of the day and last I knew, the LSCHP was dragging Rocks over to Wonderland but that may be because she is handy with tools and routers and computer hardware junk in general and is probably a much better choice to help with this prodject and it may even fit into her job description somehow. It certainly doesn’t fit into mine but that is okay!

I need to end this NOW so we can walk over to our fave Knight’s to celebrate the GG’s birthday. I think I originally had a loose plan to cook tonight but this weekend was disrupted in many ways, small and large, and it was all good but whatever loosely laid plan I may have originally had went down the Eco-terlet. I posted today’s photoooo of the GG and his identical twin, the UU, aka the Twinz of Terror on Sunday. I am posting it again because I do not have the gazinto to cobble together a whole bunch of pics of them, like I did last year. So here is a link to last year’s post in which I *did* do that.

I can assure you that we will NOT be hanging out in the Lyme Lounge singing old 60s tunes after Knight’s tonight.

3 Responses to “KW in Wonderland doin’ a bit o’ gubmint work”

  1. l4827 Says:

    HB GG & UU … now your sexty two.

    — J & D

  2. jane Says:

    happy birthday to the Twinz of Terror (not to be confused with the Boyz of Noise!).
    KW — I think your work in Wonderland sounds a lot like some of your flinging experience at home. Which means you are veddy qualified, even if it’s not in your JD. it falls under ‘other duties as assigned’. 😉

  3. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday to the Twinz! I hate being bored, so always try to volunteer for more to do. 🙂 Sometimes it bites me in the you-know-where!