Don’t smell the ostrich jerky

redbudWhere was I? I guess it starts with this redbud photo. I have been trying for years to get a somewhat decent photo of our beautiful redbud trees when they bloom in the spring. The problem is that many years ago, I swore off carrying around anything but an iPhone camera. I got taaaared of carrying around anything more than one device and decided I would do my best with my simple digital phone camera. When I started out with digital photgraphy, it was with a Sony Mavica that used floppy disks (yes, really) and lots of batteries so lots of stuff to schlep around. I have gotten some randomly good photos out of my iPhones over the years but I could never get redbud before. I am on my fifth iPhone (the 6S) now and this one is apparently the charm, at least for redbud.

There was alligator jerky on my counter when I got home today. I’m not sure why since the GG only went to Ohio. Last I knew, alligators did not inhabit Lake Erie. Years ago, the Twinz of Terror and I took a drive over to Manistee and Irons from Houghton Lake and stopped at the Jerky Emporium in Dublin on the way back. Lion and Tiger and Bear Jerky Oh My! And ostrich jerky. They bought ostrich jerky. It stunk up the UU’s Caddylac all the way back over to Houghton Lake. The alligator jerky doesn’t stink but I think I’ll take into work if nobody around here is gonna eat it…

So the GG took the Lyme Lounge down to Ohio for an overnight shakedown cruise and caught the warbler migration at Magee Marsh this morning. I love going to Magee Marsh but it has been years since I have been there. The last time I made it down there was a frigid (23 degrees to start) Sunday morning in May. A bunch of trucks came in to pump out and clean the porta potties and the smell of human excrement mixed with whatever cleaner they used was enough to put my gag reflex into overdrive. There aren’t a whole lot of places to urbanP at Magee, especially when every birder on earth is there, but there is an old fashioned outhouse type thing that wasn’t subject to the porta potty pumpout and eventually I was able to use that without gagging.

Oh man, maybe I am done? Well except that last night I was alone here in the Landfill sitting in the back room watching Shameless looking at facebook and a beach urchin facebook-messaged me asking me if I was ignoring my phone. Yipe! No, or maybe yes? Or sort of. Really, it was just charging in the chitchen. I’m fine and I love the pics of Louis (pronounced Louie) the dog you are sitting! Reminded me though of all the times I worried when I couldn’t immediately get The Commander on the phone in her later years. And then there are those moom moments when I haven’t heard from one or the other of my beach urchins in a few days and haven’t seen her pop up on social media for a while and I kind of freak out. They handle their own business and I do my best to stay out of it and keep my interactions with them on social media to a mimimum but it is good to connect in some way. I was comfortable here alone in the Landfill last night but hearing from Mouse made me happy. (None of this is a hint or shoutout to either of my daughters, it is just me thinking through and processing my own life.)

First Saturday in May tomorrow means the Farmers Market opens at 7:00. Be there or be square! Love y’all, KW.

2 Responses to “Don’t smell the ostrich jerky”

  1. Paulette Attie Says:

    !!!! I still have my Sony Mavica. It was the one that used mini CDs. Good camera at the time. Magee Marsh is amazing and I enjoyed it when it was not the advertised hot spot that it is today.

  2. Margaret Says:

    We’ve gotten a bit spoiled with instant contact. I got away from that a lot with one girl in Senegal and the other in Korea. (had to take a LOT of deep breaths though!) I like alligator, but I’m not sure about jerky. As I recall, the meat can be a bit chewy to start with. 🙂