Eating the rainbow after an orgy

Your morning Great Lake State flowering tree pic, taken by meeee on my walking trip down to the farmer’s market.


I met the GG at Our Breakfast Nook and did the NYT Saturday mini and cracked up when I saw this clue and answer.


I texted this screenshot to Mouse and she pointed out that she did indeed work. Yes.

So here is the rainbow I bought at the farmers market this morning. The farmers market here is taking off and I could’ve easily bought more than we could eat in the next week so I was very careful. I still ended up with a rainbow. You’ll have to accept that my blue subway tile backsplash provides the blue in my rainbow.


The Landfill Dungeon is kind of a mess right now but I unearthed my sewing musheen and plugged it into an outlet that actually worked and somehow, I managed to fix my backpack straps and then two pairs of beloved Keen sandals. Need to clean up that area of the dungeon though… … …


Of course we walked down to the Griz for lunch today. Here is the GG taking pics of what we think is nascent shelf fungus in Miller Woods.


And the orgy? You have to know that yer fav-o-rite blahgger does not go to orgys. Except when a whole bunch of toads stage an orgy down in the pond at West Park.


This toad orgy was actually a pretty fun event. A nice young biologist was set up on the boardwalk there picking toads out of the water and forcing them to vomit so she could figure out what they had eaten. And our neighbors were down at the park having a pic-a-nic with their baby daughter and a bunch of friends. We told them about the toad orgy and I will bet that they took their kids up to the pond to witness it. The GG kept talking to people about being at an orgy, which I don’t think was the best idea.

Our day is not finished yet so maybe more tomorrow. Heading over to Knight’s now. Love y’all. KW

One Response to “Eating the rainbow after an orgy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like how you worked the orgy into your post! Very creative of you. 🙂