Every day is mothers day

We began our day with our New Sunday Thing, which is that I take my usual morning walk and the GG picks me up on Arborview and we head Somewhere Else to hike. This works well. I don’t have to wait for him to get up and futz around and I get a good number of steps in early, which is what I like to do. He got fancy today and brought coffee and heated up little Lamb’s Quarter quiches that I bought from Wan Oo Sun at the market yesterday. We kept it simple this morning and “just” went down to hike at the dam. I didn’t get many good photo ops but you can see that we are getting very green around here.


I do not take Mothers Day seriously hence the title but somehow or other, we seem to have built up a few little traditions, especially since both of the Beach Urchins are now living within an easy driving distance. Building a new Compost Heap Structure was not really a Mothers Day thing (I don’t think). It is something that I wanted done though. The old Compost Heap Structure was disintegrating. It was erected using wood from a deck replacement prodject at the moomincabin about a billion years ago. Like maybe when Mouse and her cousin Val were two or so and insisted on swimming in Gitchee Gumee on a cold October day (one of them went in fully dressed, the other stripped, I will not say who did what, actually, I’m not sure I remember accurately). Anyway… Can this wood be salvaged?


The answer turned out to be “no”, but the GG is committed to re-using old wood (which is OKAY WITH ME!) and so here he is strategizing how to possibly use the rickety, crappy old step thingies that used to reside outside our doorwalls.


That prodject did not get finished today and that is A-okay. In general, since the GG retaaarrrred (a week ago), the Landfill yard is in beautiful shape compared to what it usually is. And then, Lizard Breath arrived mid-afternoon with laundry (which is an excuse to visit meeeee 💜) and homemade avocado salsa verde and IMPATIENS from the Eastern Market. The GG had prepared my Impatiens pots with soil and I went to work and here is the result. This is one of our New Traditions, one that I believe that The Commander has a hand in directing. As a bonus, the basil I potted yesterday is in the little blue pot. It looks good but it’s only been a day. Fingers crossed.


Do I miss my mom? Of course I do but, being a spirited person, my relationship with her could be complicated and the last few years were difficult. I don’t mean that we didn’t love each other, just that I am still working on recovering from the challenges we both faced during the last year (or more) of her life and some aspects of the aftermath that probably have her ashes churning. So I am still decompressing from her death but most of the time I just roll along and think about her or not. But I guess probably anyone who has lost a mother does that kind of thing forever.

Here is a collection of The Commander’s sewing artifacts. This collection has been hanging out in a plastic box on my sewing musheen table aka childhood desk forever. Yesterday, when I unearthed my sewing musheen, I took a cursory look and my initial thought was that there were a lot of things to fling. But then I schlepped the box upstairs and loosely organized its contents. I doubt there’s anything valuable in there (in a monetary sense) but there some really interesting things, like the old tracing wheels, and other things that I have no clue about. And then there are things like the plastic tape measure and some seam rippers and I have multiples of those.


Anyway, I am gonna take the box up to the moomincabin this week and work to incorporate useful items into the Sewing Stuff that is already at the moomincabin so we have a fully stocked repair kit there and reunite the buttonhole templates with their ancient Singer sewing musheen. Some of the other things, I want to mount as a display in a shadow box. We’ll see when I get around to that…

Love y’all, –KW. Happy Mothers Day to everyone who is a mother, including dog and cat moms. Sounds like the GG is using his new chainsaw out in the back. Wonder what the heck he is doing…

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