Mercury is not in retrograde (but KW may be)

Living with a Pensioner 🐽 when you are a hard-working Salarywoman can be an adjustment. Like, no I do NOT drink coffee before I go to work so please don’t come at me with a cup of coffee. I love that on a weekend day but on a weekday? I drink orange juice and eat some sort of a wee brekky, often leftovers, today the shortcake I made yesterday to serve with the fresh strawdaddies I got at the market Saturday. I do my chores — taking out the compost, cleaning the kitchen sink and bathroom fixtures, laundry and dishwasher work as needed. I do not need to make the bed because the GG long ago usurped that chore from me. I put my makeup on (yes) and I’m out. This is all zen-type stuff to me. I’m not sure if I can offer an accurate definition of zen but it just feels like when I focus on my boring little routine, I can leave the Landfill feeling calm and in control, i.e., not forgetting my work badge or laptop or lunch or whatever, not breaking my neck to get out the blasted door.

So, I do not do coffee. Until a couple years ago, we did not even have a coffee maker here. I do coffee at work or at Barry’s (if it’s Thursday) or Zingerman’s@PlumMarket. Or not. By the time I have taken a shower and hiked 8-8.5K steps, I don’t really need coffee but sometimes I indulge myself anyway. I love you Mr. Pensioner but please don’t assume I want coffee.

So, this morning, I added plant-watering to my chores. Oh don’t worry Mouse, I’m talking about the basil and impatiens that I potted over the weekend, not your plants. It was a gorgeous morning and The Pensioner was hanging around the back yard with his telescope. I finished my chores and put my makeup on and yelled, “I’m out!” and then realized that he was nowhere in sight! Okay. Whatever. I got into the Ninja and, as I started to back out into the street, I looked to my left and I looked to my right… A guy with a telescope was standing on the corner watching all the girls go by Mercury transit across the sun. I got this pic as I droven by.


I knew that Mercury would transit the sun today and I even *saw* part of that (in the morning in the back yard) albeit I’m not sure, given the trees that got in the way of the sun and The Pensioner’s instructions whether I really saw Mercury or a sunspot. It’s always cool looking at the sun in a safe way though and I am glad that the Celestron telescope is active again. It allowed us to see Haley’s Comet back when it was visible. So here is one of The Pensioner’s pics of Mercury crossing the sun.


And then I spent the entire day at work but the GG ended up going to Northville Downs to collect his Kentucky Derby winnings with our friends of Porterization, who brought a beautiful little brekkie with coffee from Zingermans over to share with the GG in the Lyme Lounge. So much fun!

I am not sure how The Pensioner fit my new compost structure into his busy day but here it is. 💜


3 Responses to “Mercury is not in retrograde (but KW may be)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So, it’s going OK for both of you so far? I would imagine lots of adjustments.

  2. Pooh Says:

    You have may apples under your tree! So cool.

  3. Sam Says:

    “The Pensioner”…still laughing over that moniker.