The S-word

I mentioned the S word today at work and KennyP happened to hear me and she banished me to the corner. The time-out corner that is. She ordered me to sit and reflect upon my use of the S-word. KennyP is my mother even though she is, um, 40 years younger than me, and I really didn’t want to sit in the time-out corner, so I quickly explained that no SNOW is in the long range weather forecast for The Planet Ann Arbor this weekend (where KennyP will be) but it is definitely in the forecast for God’s Country The Yooperland this weekend (where I will be and I have packed my ski jacket and balaclava but not my damn boots or snowshoes or YakTrax. Jeebus!!!). KennyP will definitely not be with me. It might be fun to have her there some time but I suspect that situation would require more social energy than I possess. I love her anyway. She’s my mom, after all and I think she’d rather go to Chicago or New Orleans for a vacay than the dern Yooperland and that’s okay.

I need to decompress after a rather long day so how about some simple mid-May Great Lake State flower pics? Some from my yard, some from other yards, some from the woods behind my house, some from Barton Dam.





2 Responses to “The S-word”

  1. Sam Says:

    Loving those happy spring plants….

  2. Margaret Says:

    Those are gorgeous flowers! Hard to believe that it’s snowing anywhere with the hot weather we’re having here. Already!!