The North shall rise again

Where do I start with this post and where do I end? I do not know. If I start going on and on and you decide that watching paint dry would be more interesting, feel free to bail out. Trust me that there are plenty of cat videos that are more interesting than this.

I am kind of a boots-on-the-ground person in a lot of ways and one of those is traveling. I was up this morning at 5:45 and I was on the road just before 7:00. I would’ve preferred a slightly earlier departure time but I FORCED myself to take a wee walk through the woods before I hit the road. I didn’t text anyone when I was leaving (my bad) so when I got to about West Branch, I saw that there were about a billion messages from the GG. I texted back “Wb”. My phone sound was off and he had been texting me and calling me wondering where I was and worrying. Sorry old boy. I shouldda texted you as I was leaving. When I looked at my phone again when I finally stopped (for gas) in *Mackinaw City*, I found a text from Mouse. I told her where I was and then I texted the GG with something like: “Getting gas in Mack City, will call from Glen’s in Iggy”. Which meant that I was about to cross the Mackinac Bridge (yes, there are two spellings) and was gonna get grokkeries at Glen’s Family Fare in St. Ignace.

I called from Iggy and we went from there to figger out where to do lunch, which ended up being to meet in Brimley, and so we did, at Jack’s Pub and Grub, the new restaurant in the former Lazy Bob’s Willabee’s space. Very good and I got a nice glass of cab and we’ll be back.

And so, here I am driving down the one-lane Cabin Road that leads to Finfam land and cabins. The leaves are not out yet here next to the beach and it is VERY dry around here.


It is a beautiful day here with temperatures in the 70s and after I put the perishable food items away, I headed down to the beach.



We seem to have a big beach this year. The last couple years not so much. I’m not sure whether the big beach I saw today can predict what this summer’s beach will be like. I do know that the Amethyst Rock is totally out of the sand this summer. Two years ago, we could not find it.


I have lived here on this beach my entire life. I can remember lying down in the back seat of a 1950-something old black Ford as a five or six month old child and hearing the pines susurrating as we turned down the road to the cabin. The beach changes constantly. That is all.

3 Responses to “The North shall rise again”

  1. Sam Says:

    And it is plenty. My soul is warmed with knowing you are there and all is good.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Glad you are there and parts of this post are very poetic. Beautiful.

  3. l4827 Says:

    Cool pic’s ….