It’s gonna rain, so let’s go now!

And so we did. And where did we go? We moseyed up to Naomikong Point to walk a section of the North Country Trail that we are well familiar with. When I work as a Booth Babe at the Quiet Water Symposium, sometimes people ask me what my favorite section of the North Country Trail is. I [buhda-buhda-buhda] cannot come up with a ready answer. I love them all, all of the sections our eastern yooperland chapter maintains plus some of the others I have hiked. This is probably one of the ones I have hiked the most and the longest. It’s an easily accessible section of the trail and you can make a quick little three-mile hike out of it, then get back to whatever business you have planned for the day. It is also the first place I ever in my life encountered a TICK (YICK!) and it can be Black-Flyey when those nasty little beasties are in season. Because those nasty little beasties’ bites give me flu-like fever/achy-type symptoms, I avoid the Naomikong section at that time but we’re not quite there yet and I was wearing tights, which ticks (yick!) cannot penetrate.

Anyway, so here is our fave tree ever I think. We have photos floating around of all of the beach urchins sitting up on this thing. Alas, it was only me and The Pensioner hiking today and neither of us can lift the other onto the “seat” (and make no mistake, I missed having those kiddos on that little hike today although I really don’t miss the arguments in the car on the way home… except that I almost do…💜 Usually people were just hungry and/or thirsty and at the end of their ropes. Like I probably was too.)


You can walk the beach on this section of the trail if you want to but we took the trail and you can see (I think) the actual Naomikong Point in the distance over the water.


The suspension bridge is one of the highlights of this section of trail. I’m going to guess this section gets more traffic than many of the others if nothing else because a lot of people can at least walk the half mile it takes to get to this bridge. A half mile is better than nothing and I will just say something like “You Go!”


I had a half-*ssed plan last weekend to go out and look for skunk cabbage on The Planet Ann Arbor. It was (uh) Mothers Day and it was really really nice on the planet and Lizard Breath and I were sitting in the back yard and she said something like, “It’s okay to slug around the back yard today.” Indeed. I know that there are skunk cabbages on this part of the trail and I snagged this pic.


Back to the moomincabin after a side trip of porterization, the GG engaged in an new profile picture type of activity. He is taking all of the fun away from npJane doing this but the roof was dry at this time and it is not now, oh boy oh boy, and we thought it would be best to do the job before the precipitation.


And then there was lunch… We didn’t really have any good lunch materials here and we were kind of arguing about that (don’t ask) so we finally decided to descend upon Pickles, which opened a couple years ago. The whitefish dip was to die for, that is about all I will say. Oh, and I got a boring old cab.


Finally, this sunset is last night. I don’t think we will have this kind of sunset tonight but you never know. I took a bit of a beach walk late this afternoon. I had my rain jacket on but my skirt and tights were soaked at the end of it all and are now haaaaannging in the shower [hopefully] drying out.


Sayonara, KW

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    The sunset is amazing!! I love the tree and the hiking. I’m hoping to do more of that this summer since Henry enjoys hiking. 🙂