Three (count ’em) THREE re-a-starts!

My Macbook Pro has been reminding me about updates for the last week or so. I was halfway through writing an email tonight when it reminded me again. How long can this take? I did not know. I clicked the go-ahead button. Over a half hour later and no fewer than THREE re-a-starts, I am back. This experience felt a lot like when The Mothership takes over my work laptop (windows) and does whatever. But when I am at work, I can sit in my cube and play with my iPhone while the update or whatever it is happens and get paid for it! Plus I can hang out with my cube neighbors who I generally love talking to but today we spent waaaay more time than I would’ve wanted to speculating upon how the woman on the cruise ship fell into the water and is lost forever. We all think this is awful but I got done with the speculation early on. I am a systems analyst. I need data, numbers, and information.

Speaking of vacation and work and Monday morning (not that we were), I was hoping to roll over to Cubeland today and sit around figuring out what I do for a living for a while. It’s kind of what us creative types do. And actually, I have a new prodject that I have been noodling on in the back of my mind throughout my mini-vacay and I was ready to pick up on that today. Flowcharts and html demo pages and all of that. Oh no. I got to work and iDeep (in India) I/M’d me with billions of questions and it was waaaay fun but I felt like I was in the twilight zone for a while there. In the last hour of the day, I was able to spend a small amount of time on my next prodject. This is how it goes for a systems analyst in my particular place of work.

I have learned by the grapevine that the third (and last) dog my brother The Engineer adopted has been euthanized today. I don’t really have any words for this. I spent a lot of time with Alfred back before things got weird but I have not seen him for three years. I was part of his pack back before that and he was a loverly albeit sometimes obnoxious dog. I loved him *anyway*. Godspeed Alfred and may you meet my brother on the Rainbow Bridge. I know he will be waiting for you.

One Response to “Three (count ’em) THREE re-a-starts!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So sorry to hear about Alfred. Those memories can be painful, especially when they are tied up with a lost loved one. I hate updates and restarts and time taken away from my internet browsing. (when I’m in the mood and have time to do so, I don’t want to waste my time hung up in that sort of crap)