Ain’t no haints in Detroit

I wanted to post a pitcher last night. I even had one. It’s just a lilac flower. Are lilacs flowers or are they compound flowers? Is there such a thing as a compound flower or am I making this up? A quick and dirty google tells me that there is such a thing as a compound flower but a lilac probably doesn’t qualify. Plant people, speak up and set this computer nerd straight! But my software update took so long yesterday, I didn’t want to take any more time to process and upload the pic. Anyway, here’s yesterday’s pic. More or less the same lilac pic as the last umpteen years’ worth of lilac pics. (Edited to add an apostrophe after “years” in the last sentence. I think that’s correct. Grammar folks? Mom?)


Beep beep beepity beepity beep! We interrupt this boring blahg of blather to bring you the news that the Silver Maples retirement “community” of Chelsea just boasted in an NPR ad that three out of five (or was it 10) residents are… drum roll… Men! Okay, then, if The Pensioner starts to drive me nuts, I guess I’ll be moving… Or… Not… Or maybe he should move there. You know, to improve the ratio even more. Sorry, I know this is snarky and that someday, we/I/him may well be [ulp] facing such a move. Onward for now, with blinders on!

So, what is The Pensioner doing these days? Actually, he is spacifying me this week. One of the first things TP did when he retaaaarrrred was to paint a North Country Trail blaze on one of his shirts. (Hmmm… The Pensioner and Titanium Pinky have the same initials. Also Toilet Paper 🐽) Here he is, getting ready to paint. (This was a couple weeks ago.)


North Country Trail blazes are a very particular color and they need to be applied to trees (or whatever but mostly trees on our section) in quite specific rectangular shapes. I am not sure what all of the requaaaarrrments are but if you see a guy with this on his shirt out in the woods, follow him. He may actually know where he’s going. Although I would trust our friends Stan and Tom W more. Or Marilyn/Joan if you want to find bear skulls, etc.


I think I’m done for today. I finished a book this morning (The Turner House). I loved it (although I would give it four out of five Goodreads stars) but I can’t write about it today or maybe ever. Read it though. It is fun. Especially if you are from (or have married into) a large wonderful fambly.

Good night,

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  1. Sam Says:

    That’s quite a collection of TPs. I’d say that “The Pensioner” is the ranking, one, however. haha