Chicken and egg problems

My most recent work prodject (one of them, I have three) involves a chicken and egg problem. I understand the problem but it wasn’t until the late afternoon today that I managed to figure out how to clearly describe the issue to others. Of course, Louie-Louiiiii overheard the chicken and egg thing and made the announcement that he was now hungry. Love L-L. Oh, and The Queen Bee said, “GO HOME!” 💜 her.

I am also thinking about karma today and wondering when it will finally take the turn I want and expect it to. I have taken my turn in the doghouse and I am just about done done done with that. Of course, my doghouse has a Van Gogh in it.

Anyway, because I can’t in a bazillion years describe this week, we’ll do one of those timehop thingies. So here is 2010 when the GG was painting North Country Trail blazes down on the Castle Rock section that we hiked last weekend.


And then there was 2011 when The Commander finally needed actual help and I was camping at the Moomincabin and working remotely and visiting her at the Long Term Care facility where she was doing stroke rehab and HATED being there. I took this picture on the beach.


The next year (2012), the Comm was dead. I didn’t expect that she would die that soon but Cdiff took her down. And so, here are all of the Courtois folks putting boat hoists into the water at Houghton Lake. After the boat hoist got into the water, the Pontoon Boat came home and we all went for a ride over to the tiki bar.


And then there was 2013, when the Benevolent Despot said something like, “Nothing is going on here this afternoon so GO HOME. I didn’t go home. I went to Mouse’s apartment and we walked the adjacent woods and it was filled with Trillium. And after that we ate dinner at Zingerman’s Roadhouse.


And 2014, after I gutted and renovated the Landfill Chitchen and finally got around to putting a wee bit of carefully curated clutter back into it.


And so last year (2015), we went to see our Mouse act in a play at the Civic Theatre. It was a Shakespeare play and I remember telling our neighbor that I would be lucky to stay awake. He laughed but I did stay awake during that play, as I did when Mouse played various parts in a version of Macbeth back in January. But here is a photo from the theatre that night.


2016? Alas, it is a frickin’ tick photo.


2 Responses to “Chicken and egg problems”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I enjoyed all your photos except the tick one. It is sometimes weird to think about how long we’ve been friends, yet never met. 🙂

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    That picture at the cabin is absolutely stunning. Whoa!