Under attack!

errorMainly by my house. First up? Eco Terlet! Eco Terlet, I hardly know ya. You are a new beastie. Why do you gurgle after I flush? No I am not throwing you-know-what down there. That train left the station a while back.

Eco Terlet has been gurgling for a while. I am not sure that TP (The Pensioner? The Plumber?) notices gurgling or trickling or hissing noises in terlets. When you grow up in a family with 10 children and a mechanical engineer dad whose mantra is “Don’t fergit to jiggle the handle!”, I think you don’t pay that much attention. I, on the other hand, grew up with the other extreme, that is, looooooong awaited (11 years) oldest of two kids and parents who absolutely freaked out whenever the terlet did anything besides what it was designed to do. I was as terrified of overflowing terlets as I was of faaaaar and I was plenty terrified of faaaar. I don’t know which scenario was worse for me as a kid.

But I grew up and after probably 10 years of living with the GG, I relaxed a bit. I am no longer terrified of overflowing terlets. If I see the terlet water rising, I grab the plumber’s helper and start plunging. I am pretty dern good! Still, when terlets start to make little noises, I get on the alert that we are in for some sort of repair job, with luck just a ballcock replacement 🐽. I am a trained musician and my ears are more sensitive than most people’s. (Apostrophe in the right place?)

lymeloungehlAnd then there was my LOVERLY Bosch dishioshio washer. Dum de dum. Ran it Sunday night. No problem. Being the only person around for most of the week, there weren’t a lot of dishes but I had just enough to want to run a half-load last night. Not. H:01? The number changes but the H stays. Yes, I have looked this up online. I am not capable of fixing it myself. It’s okay. I am no stranger to washing dishioshios by hand. I did it all the time when I was a kid. I do it at the moomincabin. I did it for I dunno, seven? 10? years here at The Landfill because the dishioshio washer I used to have wasn’t getting the dishioshios clean and I took an attitude about it and just did them by hand. Now I have this Bosch thingy and it CLEANS things and it is QUIET and I LOVE it. And so I use it. But I couldn’t use it last night. Bah humbug.

Some people are obviously having more fun than I am at the moment but when they get home tomorrow, they will have their work cut out for them 💩. I know they will figger it all out. But isn’t that why people retaaaaar? So they can begin new careers as handymen?

One Response to “Under attack!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am willing (within reason) to pay any amount of money to just have things WORK. I hate funny noises and issues with appliances or houses. I have a bunch myself and no handyman around these days. 🙁