Party like it’s 1999! Or January!

podpeopleKnow what? I usually *like* January! At least the beginning of it. By the end of it, I may be a little tired of slodging along, especially if it’s one of those years that I have to wear my blasted snowpants all the time. Purple Pillsbury Doughgirl anyone? Yes.

But January, to me, if I am not sick or something — and I am *usually* not, fer kee-reist — is a time to sort of sit back and decompress from the stress of the holidays. We try to get out and ski or, if there’s no snow, we hike. If the weather is too dreary to do either of those things (or we are just lazy), we drive out into the country. I always have a camera or two with me these days. I don’t pretend to be any more than a rank amateur point-and-shoot type photographer but I do enjoy it.

Weather? Thees ees Meeeeecheeegan! You get what you get. This year, we are getting snow and snow and more snow. And supposedly we are going down into the deep freeze for the next few days. Below zero. That’s Fahrenheit, folks. Snowpants weather. Oh joy. I still like January but I’m gettin’ taaaarrred early this year. And I still have to slodge through February. And March is often a slodger here in Meeecheeegan. And April can be the cruelest month.

The positive? I went to a two-hour meeting at work today and forgot to take my Kleenex box with me. It was okay. I DID NOT NEED IT!! Yay! I am still coughing a bit and blowing my nose but I am back to walking full-tilt boogie at zero-dark-thirty in the morning. Et al.

Check the comments for my January 9th entry to see The Commander’s correction of my version of the early days of her marriage.

And now, a few links with pictures from the last couple of Januarys:

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