Time, space, and whirled peas, please

branchlaceOkay, lemme see. What else? A new kitchen. But first! Total de-clutteration of the Landfill, you know, to let the “energy” flow again. Total DE-RODENTIFICATION of the Landfill, which (although no recent evidence) I am convinced cannot happen until total de-clutteration. What else? A flame-thrower mounted on the back of the Ninja just for my own personal tailgaters. Get a life, you guys. A whatcha-ma-callit booth that I can step into here at the Landfill, press a couple buttons and emerge intact with all of my clothes and lucky-shuckial crap at Fin Family Moominbeach or Command Central or Houghton Lake or Callyforny. Beam me up. Or west. I actually *enjoy* the drive to kzoo, so we’ll leave that out. Smartwool socks. Some new slippers like my old slippers. You know, those fuschia polartech ones with the leather bottoms. The ones that are developing holes after like 20 years. I dare you to try to find a decent equivalent.

Material goods? Do not thrill me. I am done collecting. I have all that I need and too much more. I am not enamoured of jewelry and all that stuff any more. I just have to keep track of it and feel sad when I lose things. And I do. Lose things.

So, I just do not know. Time. Space. Whirled peas. Please.

2 Responses to “Time, space, and whirled peas, please”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    You must be planning for the big day! I used to love the coupon books my kids would give me. They would write things like “Good for 1 loading of dishwasher” or “Good for 1 cleaning of the bathroom”. (Actually, I only got 1 bathroom coupon) I don’t know if I was always able to redeem my coupon when I wanted to, but eventually I did. It is a nice idea and it does not cost them (you) any money. If I forget on the 16th, Happy Birthday!

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I hope I got the date right.