Emulating Burke

millerwoodsI have a more interesting pic than this but it is of The Pensioner mowing the lawn and I can’t post it because, let’s just say, “In my underwear!” I didn’t even text it to the beach urchins.

But (butt?) yes, Burke used to live next door and lemme see… There were the times he could be spotted on his deck (Burke’s Erection) in the middle of the night in his birthday suit. Grilling. Or setting off faaaarworks. And then there were the snowy mornings I would observe him cleaning off his loverly old-skool Caddylac in his low-ridin’ boxers with the crack in the back clearly visible. Note that this was all visible from the Landfill chitchen window.

Burke is long dead now and well before The GG became The Pensioner, we have had a few Burke Episodes, mainly the birthday suit kind. I dunno if today’s incident was “better” or “worse” than Burke in his low-slung drawers. Because tighty gray-eys. Oh, don’t worry, I don’t mean the Great Gray-green Greasy Limpopo type of under-drawers that haven’t been washed in a few months. These undies came in that color. The GG is *usually* a daily shower-er and if you know me, you know that laundry gets DONE around here. Plus he is perfectly capable of doing his own laundry because he has been doing it since he was 10 or thereabouts.

We mixed up our reglear nucular Saturday routine a bit today. We did the farmers market when it opened at seven this morning. We had no real choice. The refrigimatator was largely empty. We are usually direct about our shopping but we were more direct than usual today. I did almost all of the veggie shopping while the GG went inside to get some meat and fish. I dunno where Uncle Peter was with his pasties today. We came up empty on that one. But can I just say CUCUMBERS! Hoop house but YES!

Anyway, We Got It Done because we were meeting up with the RegenHarms fam from Seattle and npJane for brekkie at Bell’s Diner at 7:30. We are all cousins within two generations or by marriage and my cousin Jay came out here watch her son get his masters in Library Science (in Tennessee), visit her parents (Planet Ann Arbor), and do battle with powderpost beetles (moominbeach). And go to major league baseball games wherever/whenever they can manage to fit one in. Are you tired yet? I certainly am. But 💜

After that, we made a rocket trip over to Ypsilanti and back for purposes I am not at liberty to disclose (good purposes, no worries) with a side trip to drop a symbolic box of crap off at Kiwanis on the way. Why symbolic? Because it has been a while since I’ve actually *flung* anything and I am hoping that this half-baked one box attempt will re-a-start me!

We did not do the Griz for lunch today. We decided that walking down to the Griz for lunch on Saturday is a nice thing to do on nasty cold Saturdays but that we’d be better off leveraging a decent day to get things done at home. So we didn’t do lunch. I am thinking I still want a little more of a taste of downtown Planet Ann Arbor this weekend so now I am thinking of walking down there tomorrow 3:00-ish to get a beer/whine somewhere. We’ll see what we do though.

G’night, KW 💜

One Response to “Emulating Burke”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You still keep busy in very interesting and satisfying ways, even without the flinging. I know it gives you a sense of accomplishment, but enjoying time with family and visiting farmers markets and restaurants are way more important, IMHO!! xoxo