Multi-tasking Running around like a chicken with its head cut off

bourboncakeI won’t provide the details, mainly it’s food related. Cooking prodjects for this week, buying food for the weekend with only a hint of a clue of who will be where when and what they will want to eat at any given moment. Life at a group home, even a weekend group home, is never dull and there are *plenty* of darn good chief cook and bottle washers at the Cfam group home! I am taking a minimalist approach both in terms of purchasing food and planning. Enough food to feed me and the GG and a plan to try to Go With The Flow. And that is what you *have to do* when you share property with others! The point of it all is to spend time with the *people*! We’ll have the Lyme Lounge with us in case yer fav-o-rite introvert needs a Freak Out Chill Out Chamber for a bit.

Work is a whole ‘nother story and Louie-Louiiii runs a tight ship on his Friday Food schedule. There is a sign-up sheet and everything and some people chatter away all week about what they are going to bring in yada yada. I missed out on hummingbird cake, made by the inimitable KennyP, because I was up in Iggy slodging through a couple feet of heavy wet snow that weekend. I did not miss out on this bourbon cake, which L-L brought in yesterday instead of Friday because Cubeland will be largely empty that day.

biscuitcutterThis is a totally voluntary effort and I am a non-contributor (although I could bring in bagels and fruit and people would be happy). But I am not really much of a baker these days. It’s not that I don’t know how. The Commander baked cakes and things and I loved baking stuff when I was a beach urchin. Starlight Cake anyone? As a mooom, though, it always seemed like when I would make cakes, people would get all excited at first and then the cake would kind of sit around until it started to develop mold. I am not complaining. I pretty much felt the same way about cake. A little bit of sweet goes a looooooong way.

I do occasionally make biscuits though. I bought some fresh *local* strawberries at the farmers market a couple weekends ago and the beach urchins came over for dinner and I wanted to make strawberry shortcake with REAL biscuits. I use the Joy of Cooking recipe. My biscuits are okay but maybe I will have to practice or do some research. Anyway, the recipe for shortcake biscuits requires that I knead the dough (a bit and that’s within my limited skill set). Then I have to kind of roll/pat it out and cut it into *shapes* (as opposed to blobs) so it will look “pretty” under the strawberries. So I need a biscuit cutter.

I know that there are biscuit cutters in The Commander’s stuff. A variety of nice, 1950s and 60s biscuit cutters from before “they” started to put plastic handles on them. (BTW What?) They were here for a while back when I was still sorting stuff out. But I could not find any last weekend. I KNOW that I took them up to the moomincabin. I can remember hanging them up on the wall behind the sink. I think those should stay there and so I went on to eBay and this one arrived in the mail today. It doesn’t replicate her collection but it is a start.

Oh yes, I know that you can use a glass to cut biscuits into a round shape and that is what I have been doing 🐽 but now I have this.

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  1. Paulette Attie Says:

    We ALL need the recipe for Starlight cake…don’t we? 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.