The Pensioner rides the bus

busSo what does a pensioner do all day? He rides the bus, don’tcha know. I was sitting in a totally surreal research team meeting this morning, one in which the Benevolent Despot actually said something like, “I’m just about ready to shoot myself”. I was expecting a text message from The Pensioner at some point saying that he was gonna come over and switch out vee-hickles with me so I checked my phone and he had texted me all right. He texted “On the bus” with a pic of said bus. I just about did a spit take because Another one Rides the Bus came to mind. It’s Weird Al Yankovich and there’s an ad and a 62 second intro and if you quit the song after you get the point I won’t be insulted 🐽. I used to think this stuff was funny?

So why was The Pensioner on the bus? For the last couple of days he has been possessed by a storm of vee-hickle maintenance activities. I can’t totally process all of it but lemme see, Daisy went in to Honda yesterday for various things and they admitted her overnight. The Ninja went downtown to get new shoes this AM. I dunno if the GG walked home from there or what but he eventually got onto the bus to go and pick up Daisy and now Daisy is here at the Landfill where she will be reunited with her owner at some point. The Pensioner never did end up switching vee-hickles with me at work. He was “too busy”. What was he busy with? Snagging trash from the neighbors’ curb for one thing. I will admit that he also did a pretty darn good job of de-man-caving the back room and preparing baguettes for garlic bread for tonight.

And why garlic bread? To go with the lasagne (and salad) I made for our friends Sam the Archaeologist (not Dog) and The Guru, who stopped by during their transit from the deep south to The Green Cabin.

I am pretty much out of steam for now but I have to disclaim that I am not being snarky about riding the bus. The Pensioner has expressed an interest in re-learning how to get around on the bus (the schedule has recently changed) and I think that is a positive thing. If it were easy for me to take public transport to work, I might try it but even with the changed/expanded schedule, the closest the bus goes to my work is over a mile away and the walk from there is along a high-speed two lane road. Not user friendly. For now, my car gets me there more expediently and I can run errands along the way if I need to. And I can also telecommute.

Good night and seeya at the tiki bar!

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