Once upon a time before I was a flinger

Actually, I have no clue how to start this so I guess I will just tumble head-long into it. I am was am fascinated by fiber arts, most particularly quilting. I was kind of flabbergasted when I found the comet quilts out here in the Lyme Lounge yesterday. They had been in The Pensioner’s office for many years and I had kind of forgotten about then them. They both represent Comet Kuma, which passed our own orb in 1996 (along with Comet Hyakutake but that’d be a whole ‘nother story). First there is my black/red “mola” version:


And my purple version, where I started experimenting with fusing little bits of fabric onto a background.


It was around this time that I also started “writing” on my quilt backs via my sewing musheen. By the way, I am definitely a proponent of teaching cursive in the schools.


The next one is not a comet, it’s a postcard-sized riff of the sun rising in the swamp behind my childhood bedroom at the moomincabin. And this continued the experiment with fused fabric, which I then overstitched in various ways. The cursive writing on the back of this one says “Morning in the back forty” but I have always kind of wished I had written “It’s Daylight in the Swamp!” instead.


I do not have time to make quilts right now. I am still flinging. But I think I am glad that my fabric flinging stalled a while back because yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I am thinking about “quilting” again. I think I got stymied by a couple of things. One, that I do not do well with large-format quilts, like the ones people put on their beds. Two, that I always felt “guilty” about “wasting” my time making small-format quilts that I wouldn’t probably ever be able to “sell”. If and when I DO get back into quilting, I am going to throw away the guilt associated with the “rules” I [tried to] make for myself. If small is what works, that is what I will do. Amen.

Except that here is a “doll quilt” that The Commander made [probably with help from my Grandma Emily, who died well before I was born] when she was five six.


All of these are in the Lyme Lounge at the moment but they really need to be preserved properly so that sunlight does not fade them. Especially the one The Comm made.

3 Responses to “Once upon a time before I was a flinger”

  1. Paulette Attie Says:

    I can remember your making these quilts on the beach when the beach urchins were small. I have always admired them, especially your use off color. Your mom gave me one of yours when I brought her down to A2. It is of simple white pine trees. Simply gorgeous.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I still have your “postcard” of Round Island. It is currently hanging in the bathroom with a sauce stirrer, since I haven’t re-hung the hallway art since I painted it last fall. I’m currently stitching a picnic quilt for some friends of ours. Quilting is mostly (or not) done!

  3. Margaret Says:

    It seems like a great hobby, large or small!