That wonderful weekend when we took the Pontoon Bote over to the tiki bar

The Pontoon Bote can navigate the stuff shown in the pic below but it isn’t really a fun ride and just *try* to get it back onto the boat hoist! So no, we did not take the Pontoon Bote over to the tiki bar.


It is warm here but we have had two full days of a relentlessly strong wind and when we haven’t been oot and aboot, I’ve spent a lot of time reading/writing/etc. and being buffeted around in the Lyme Lounge. But we have been oot and aboot. Yesterday afternoon, we took our great-nephews for a mini hike up at Beaver Creek where pine trees were planted in rows many years ago, much like what Lewie Read once did up on his dad’s property behind the moominbeach.


This morning started with a wee bit of a kerfuffle. I wanted to go out to breakfast, so I texted the King of Cryptic Text Messages during my walk to ask if he was into that plan. No response. Texted again. No response. And again. And again. When I got back to the cabin, he was just finishing up eating a cute little breakfast and his phone? In the Lyme Lounge. I won’t say anything more about that except that I get so taaarrrred of herding cats and pushing ropes.

But… We did head out for another mini kind of hike. We didn’t bother to try to coordinate this one with the great-nephews. We enjoyed hiking with them yesterday but I do not think they went to bed until about 4:30 AM when the Lady of Linden (aka their grandmother) woke up and skedaddled them. That’s okay. That’s the kind of thing teenagers do. I can remember sending the GG in to “disturb the nitroglycerin” when we needed one of ours to get up early. I won’t disclose which one. As an adult, she is perfectly capable of getting herself up when she needs to.

Anyway, we went to the Reedsburg Dam, which was my original plan anyway except that I wanted to go and get BREAKFAST first. At a RESTAURANT! It’s all okay though and here’s the dam. People are fishing over on the other side and one couple was letting their kid swim there which is probably not a great idea.


Walking along the Muskegon River near the Reedsburg Dam offers good photo ops pretty much whatever kind of weather you get. Ours was beautiful and obviously the river was somewhat sheltered from the wind.


And that is all for today. It *has* been a wonderful weekend, wind and breakfast kerfuffle notwithstanding. Summer is on the way and I’m guessing it’s gonna be a hot one, at least over here in the Great Lake State.

One Response to “That wonderful weekend when we took the Pontoon Bote over to the tiki bar

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lovely time, full of adventures. Sometimes the kerfuffles(sp?) make the best memories AND stories!