Coffee Cruisin’

And then there was this morning. First of all, there was no breakfast kerfuffle this morning. For one thing, I think The King of Cryptic Text Messages made sure to keep his phone next to him with the sound *on* while I was off on my walk. For another thing, *he* proactively texted *me* with something like, “Breakfast at the cabin, then boat ride.” And that, my friends, was just about exactly what I was planning to text him when I got to The Second Bridge aka my turnaround point. Because what a beautiful morning to take the Pontoon Bote out. Finally.

So we each scrounged a wee bit of brek and here we are embarking on a Coffee Cruise! (Many thanks to the person who bought the new coffee maker with the removable, insulated carafe!)


And here we are back at the Group Home after a nice smooth ride with the GG executing a perfect landing onto the hoist! I grew up with botes but the CFam has expertise that I have never quite acquired 💜


It was a beautiful weekend for “camping” in the Lyme Lounge in the front yard of the Group Home. I made a little visit to the water closet at that batscope hour and was treated to a beautiful view of the waning crescent moon shining over the water as I stepped outside of the Lyme Lounge. It can’t get much better.


We packed up after the bote ride and joined all of the other weekend warriors for the holiday weekend slodge down the I75 SUV Speedway. We left a little earlier than we usually do, wanting to clear out before the Uncly Uncle and his crew arrived. Stopped off to retrieve some “stolen” chicken along the way. It was all a mistake and the “perpetrator” felt awful about it but, as far as I was concerned, it was all good. The GG went over to Best Choice and, well, “Let them eat steak!” And it was really good steak! Anyway, it’s always good to see the Lord and Lady of Linden and we got to spend time with them in two places this weekend.

On down the road and arrived home to find that my RinseKit had arrived from REI. A gift for the GG or maybe it’s really for me. We’ll see how well it works and if we actually use it.


Back to Cubelandia tomorrow. Be there or be square!

2 Responses to “Coffee Cruisin’”

  1. Sam Says:

    I know that view! Frog-maw plus TP-paw…or something….

  2. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I enjoy going out on boats, but am ignorant about the launching and landing! I’ve become too dependent on texting and I need to stop! As you know, I’m reading too much into them. 🙂 No work for me today, we have a snow make up day. I’m trying to recover from California.