Ghost (Hippie?) Farm

farm1So I took these pics from a little road near the Reedsburg Dam where we did a small hike on Sunday morning. Broken down deserted farm, right? When I first started hangggggging around the Houghton Lake area with the GG more years ago than I am strong enough to report, I swear that this farm was occupied. I remember it as having a sort of “artistic” “aura” about it and somehow my once-upon-a-time hippie-wannabe self labeled it as a Hippie Farm.

Note that I was *never* anything resembling a hippie at any time in my life although I have, as an adult, occasionally been “labeled” an “old Ann Arbor hippie” by people who see me wearing something other than my fintech industry bizcaz attire (or what passes for it🐽). Like so many other folks who became teenagers in the 1960s, I kind of admired hippies. I agreed with a lot of their political ideas and romanticized their “communal” life-style (I do know this is stereotyping). Of course now I know that political ideas are pretty complicated and as for the “communal” lifestyle, I can share a bathroom (or even an outhouse) with others but only if it is CLEANED REGULARLY!

farm2What I *was* was a Geek. Do you know how hard it was to be a girl geek in a northern outpost like Sault Ste. Siberia in the 1960s? I can’t even describe myself as a Band Geek even though I was in the band and top seat flute. But man oh man, well, I could go on and on and on about the awful band director I had for the first couple years of high school (and no, it was not Mr. Diecke (who was pretty darn good)) and how bad the band was during those years. Anyway, hippie? Not. And nowadays I am perfectly happy to be a “girl” geek because fintech industry career in the 21st century? Yes. I just wanted to be a music major back in those days (and I was) but who knew where I would end up? I certainly couldn’t have predicted a systems analyst career in the fintech industry. Who even knew what that was back in the day? My dad the banker certainly didn’t. But I am off the track. Or am I?

Anyway, we have been to the Reedsburg Dam maybe a million times over the years. We usually drive in but we have kayaked down the Muskegon to get there too. We pass this little ghost hippie farm almost every time we go there and it has been deteriorating for probably most of the years since I saw it when I was 26 years old or whatever. Was it really inhabited at that time? When did people stop inhabiting it? I made the GG stop the car so I could get these two pics (it didn’t take much to get him to stop). Who knows how long these structures will be around before they disintegrate into the ground. I couldn’t really get any closer. There were no trespassing signs (and I respected them!) and anyway, lots of vegetation would have stopped me in any case. Maybe even poison ivy… Anyway, hippie farm? I wish I knew but I don’t but I will always think of this piece of property as a hippie farm whether or not that’s what it was.

If this place *was* occupied at one time, I hope the owners are doing well wherever they are.

And sorry, I am kind of navel gazing tonight. Love y’all and hope you can put up with that 🐽

One Response to “Ghost (Hippie?) Farm”

  1. jane Says:

    reminds me that I need to drive by that falling down house up north, with a tree growing in the middle of it to see if it has fallen enough that I can reach the lightning rod that I have coveted for many a year. I suppose that would be stealing, although I prefer to think of it as re-purposing.