Man oh man, when it rains, it pours

stopOh, don’t worry, it’s all good, just secret. (And, as always, knock on wood!!!)

The bad? My fitbit is driving me a little bit nuts! Why? It’s catering to the OCD stuff that I very diligently try to keep over there in the corner of the room where [hopefully] it doesn’t bother anybody else. I’m okay with the daily goal. I actually set the bar low at the default 10K steps. On a typical work/week day, I get 8.5K of those steps out of the way by the time I leave for work. I usually get the rest by noon if I am not stagnated by meetings and usually end up with an average of 15K for a typical week/work day.

But… After a fairly recent Fitbit upgrade, I signed on to the 250 steps an hour thing. It is *easy* to get 250 steps an hour, make no mistake! Even with the sedentary kind of Cube Job that I have. For instance, there is a printer in the Food Cube next to my cube. My musheen cannot talk to it. It *can* talk to a printer approximately 80 steps away from my cube so that’s where I print. Mr. Luv asked me if I wanted to be able to send stuff to the printer next door. This was after I almost mowed him down a couple of times swinging around a corner at top speed. He knows how to fix that stuff better than I do but I declined. Because walking over to the printer my laptop can see gives me some steps and I want to get my steps in… But still, when I don’t manage to get 250 steps in each workday hour, I get a little crazy.

Mr. Luv is about the closest to a tech support person that we have in-house but that is not his job and so if he can’t fix it or is too busy to fix it because he is doing his *real* job, we have to deal with corporate tech support. And that is what it is and that’s about all I’ll say about that. Except that there are those days when you flip your work laptop on (and check your phone or get your cuppa or use the water closet) and it takes forever for your laptop to boot up and that’s because The Mothership has reached her hand in and changed whatever she thinks she needs to change. New OS? New Microsoft stuff? Maybe. Whatever. An operating system is an operating system is an operating system and I have been dealing with operating systems since back in the day of mainframes. So.

Good night. It does rain sometimes. I have had a more interesting night than usual and I hope I was of some help. But not sure, being such a baggy old person.

I love you all more than you know, even those of you who hate me (you probably know who you are),

2 Responses to “Man oh man, when it rains, it pours”

  1. Tonya Says:

    OK, so I’m damned curious.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I echo Tonya’s comment! 🙂