In which I slodge home along the I94 Clogway to find that a Plant Thief has invaded my house!

plantthiefMy Mouse has apparently inherited some traits from The Trillium Bandit (aka The Commander aka my moom) although I will say that The Comm once dug up trillium by the roots while her grandchildren and I watched for the DNR poleeese to come by on a crappy old road in the Eastern Yooperland. I think Mouse stole this one beautiful flower. It had already bloomed and that’s a different thing. But still.

In my life, this week, I have been through the gamut. I’ll spare you the bad and the weird and the ugly and even some of the good. I’ll give you the funny instead. In which Louie-Louii baked a cake for our team today but didn’t have enough confectioners sugar to make the glaze that goes on top of the cake. So, where did he go to get confectioners sugar? Kroger? Meijer? Walmart? No. Tim Horton’s. Huh? Where did he finally get confectioners sugar? I won’t say where because I don’t want to google-bomb that company but it does start with a Z and I was impressed that they sold him some of that sugar. We *all* had fun with that all day at work, believe me.

Me? I was missing moi moom. A bit. People always talk about when their parents die they keep talking to them. The Comm talked about that with her dad. Funny Grandaddy. I can’t go too much further with this on my blahg but this is the *first* day that I have wanted to talk to my moom since she died. I mean The Comm back when we would get on the phone and gossip like crazy, not those last few difficult years. I mean the Birch Point Telegraph, as my late brother called her once way back when and we gnoffed and gnoffed.

I miss my brother and I miss The Commander. And that is about it except that the Haisley School Ice Cream Social is now going on. I remember when I was the PTO treasurer over there and maybe I will take a quick walk over to the edge of the woods to check it out. I remember when I used to handle the tickets and the money for that event and I was trusted enough to be given a key to the office and then the GG would drive the POC over to pick me up with my big bags of money. I had so much fun counting that stuff!

2 Responses to “In which I slodge home along the I94 Clogway to find that a Plant Thief has invaded my house!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Went to the Sault today and thought of all of you fondly….

  2. Margaret Says:

    There are many times that I want to talk to Patt, and it makes me sad. He had a very logical and calm mind which I DO NOT.