The Prince of Denmark’s Encampment

First of all, some of you reached out to me the last couple days of sorta weird disjointed blahg entries. It was a strange week (although mostly not bad) and I am trying to move on and “adios” some bad stuff out of my life without burning any bridges because you never know what (or who) will be waiting for you around the bend. I would never leave anyone in the lurch if they ever needed me for something in some unforeseen future circumstance. At any rate, I appreciate all of you and I am okay! Just processing stuff.

The Pensioner is off rattling around with our buddies on the North Country Trail so I have been Moom Alone for a couple days. Or not but let’s leave that for a bit. I *was* alone on Thursday evening. It was beautiful that day and we do not seem to have many moe-skee-toes this year (knock on wood) so I was planning to sit in the back yard and read a book on my phone (Mockingjay if you care and yes, of *course* I love Katniss!). It was not to be. Knock knock knock. It wasn’t anything scary, just a young neighbor who was letting me know that she was leaving home. It’s okay – in a way. She’s a 20-something with a college education and (until now) a stable career and a plan and when she left my house, she was headed over to tell her parents. I get the feeling she didn’t think they would be happy. I am supportive and I hope that I came across that way but I also felt for her parents and wondered (to myself) whether to approach them. In the end, I did nothing. I think that was the right decision but it also took a while to process that whole thing.

I am not Moom Alone any more. The Prince of Denmark has moved her encampment into my back yard. She is between castles for the month of June and what a wonderful time of year to return to the Queen of Frickin’ Everything’s castle and camp in the back yard. Well, except when it rains… Of course the QOFE provides a full-service CLEAN bathroom and kitchen and free laundry facilities and even food sometimes.

The Prince of Denmark is a wonderful companion for the QOFE. She got up and WALKED with the QOFE to the farmers market at 0-skunk-30 this morning. Here are some May flowers that have seen better days but are still beautiful.


Look at the sun coming up behind the Kerrytown bell tower or whatever it is. We were sitting on a bench drinking coffee at this point.


We slodged back up the hill with bags and backpacks to the Landfill and here is our haul. Do not look at the froog. You’ll only encourage him.


And then the Prince of Denmark set up her encampment under the apple tree and “did lines”, which, if you are an actor, is a different thing than whatever you might be thinking.


And now we have beautiful rain. The Prince of Denmark left for work and I eventually pulled her hammock in and it’s hanging on the line in the Landfill Dungeon. We need the rain and the prince can sleep in the [once again] messiest guest bedroom on earth tonight.

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