Free stuff

freestuffIt wasn’t until I uploaded this photoooo into photoshop this afternoon that I processed the word “FREE”. Free stuff. I wasn’t quite sure. We have had sporadic little rashes of car break-ins over on this side of town. The modus operandi seems to be to enter the car (some unlocked, some not) and strew stuff all over the neighborhood without stealing anything, i.e., purses and wallets are found intact. This stuff kind of looked like that. Pink stuff. The car break-ins and strewing happen in the wee hours while the rest of us are sleeping or dealing with Batscope Hour stuff. I encountered some randomly strewn detritus a couple weeks ago on my my skunk walk and kind of wondered if the perpetrator had started up again and sure enough, some time later the victim reported the incident on my neighborhood app. Her car TEXTED HER (I don’t think she saw the text until morning though) and someone found her wallet intact. ((((I knooooowwwww.))))

I have not heard of *one* such incident over here on this side of Haisley but I am being extra vigilant about locking up my vee-hickles, at least overnight. It is easy to slack off in this neighborhood. In all of the years we have lived here [KNOCK ON WOOD], the only incidents we have encountered were unlocked vee-hickle entry things. Most of them were long ago. In one of them, the thief got away with a cassette tape of Tickly Toddle.

Then there was the time the guy got bored at an AA meeting across Maple and ransacked neighborhood vee-hickles. I won’t go in to all of the gory details but he didn’t get into our [unlocked] vee-hickle, I *believe* because I slammed our front door shut as he was about to try the car door handle. Luke of Perrynet watched him go from house to driveway to house to driveway all the way down the street and called the poleese. So we were all standing out in the street talking to the nice policeman when the idjit came back down the street. THERE HE IS! From Luke. A short scuffle ensued and the perp was taken into custody. And then, even though we did not lose anything at all, we went to court a couple times as witnesses. The perp never showed up. Judge Libby (during a break) asked the court (as jocularly as a judge can do in court), “Mr. and Mrs. Cfam, are you here for an exam or are you witnesses?”

I am not particularly worried about these recent sporadic spates of incidents although I am making a concerted effort to be vigilant about locking vee-hickles overnight and have notified The Prince of Denmark to consider the same. I have not heard of one of these things happening on this side of Haisley. They seem to be occurring down in W1.5’s neighborhood. I think it is teenagers who live in the neighborhood. I can’t figger why they are not keeping money or credit cards. Maybe because they don’t *need* money? They probably don’t but I dunno.

Anyway, to close this blahg of blather off for the night: 1) the stuff in the pic seems to actually be Free Stuff that somebody put out on the curb and it was gone this morning, 2) her car TEXTED her? I want a washing musheen that texts me!, and 3) SHE LEFT HER PURSE/WALLET/MONEY/ETC. IN HER CAR!!! WHAAAAAT? No. Just no. People, get a grip.

G’night and tomorrow night we may well be talking about Purple Beachglass or something. But I’ll probably save that for when the Queen Bee retires…

4 Responses to “Free stuff”

  1. TMOTU Says:

    Siri! What is the status of the washing musheen?

  2. isa Says:

    I was just going to comment that: people leave wallets or phones or anything at all really in the car any more?! Man. Ten years of big city livin’ really squashed that out of me.

  3. jane Says:

    a friend of mine (down between Mack school and the Knights of Columbus on Huron) had her purse stolen out of their unlocked car a week or so ago. same M.O. – nothing was stolen in the end but strewn about the ‘hood. she has recovered everything except her passport – which makes her sad since she has traveled far and wide and likes the stamps as small reminders. anyway, she’s not one to leave her purse in the car typically, but had been out to dinner with her husband, put her purse behind the seat while having a random thought, completely forgot about it when she got home, etc.

    as one who can have my lunch bag in front of the door to make sure I don’t forget it, move it while… whatever, and then completely forget it – I can appreciate the act of forgetting/being forgetful. (how many times can I use the same root word in a sentence!!!??)

  4. isa Says:

    @jane – yeah: forgetting in the car versus leaving is it’s very own tale, and explains better.