A day of silence? Please?

deerfenceYes, my entry yesterday was an incoherent disaster. Between being bombarded with every facebook “journalist” on earth and having fun (yes!) with my family, I couldn’t even begin to do the sorting/analyzing process that leads to a coherent, meaningful piece of writing and I decided that having fun with my family was more important.

There are a lot of issues involved in the Orlando Shooting and they are all very complex issues. Terrorism in all of its form factors, religion, LGBTQ issues. Mental illness. Gun control. Every single one of these these issues is EXTREMELY complicated in its own right. One of the first facebook posts I saw yesterday morning (well before any actual facts about the shooting emerged) seemed to suggest that the shooting was “Obummer’s” fault. I was heartened to see that some folks kicked back at that post. Whether you like Obama or not (and I know that some of my nine readers do not), this is not the kind of thing that you can blame on any president. Or any *person* or organization except the shooter, who has been described by multiple people as mentally ill. I dunno how to munge all of that stuff into a fail-safe way to prevent these kinds of incidents. As The Professor said the last time I saw him, “These incidents are like natural disasters”. At any rate, I am done with all of that tonight. And man do I miss The Professor but I am sure that we are both happy that he hasn’t camped in my basement for umpteen billion years.

This morning? Neighborhood drama! An injured deer managed to get stuck in the woods behind my house. I was on the return part of my walking loop and there were Bob and Java hanging out between the north and south sections of woods. A deer, a stag with antlers, had apparently found his way in there and somehow became injured. It was one of his antlers but we didn’t know that this morning. I decided that I didn’t need to walk the woods behind my house this morning. I figured the deer might be in distress and I didn’t want to bother him.

When I drove the Ninja up into the end of the Landfill Driveway at the end of my workday, Bob and Java (and Beckit (hopefully misspelled)) were walking over to the woods. Beckit is a relatively new walker!. I snagged them! What happened to the deer? Someone called a wildlife rescue type person. The stag’s main injury was apparently a broken antler. Not nice but not life threatening. So, how the heck do you get a deer get out of a small woods with high chain-link fences and the small opening shown in the pic. I mean, I have known *people* who probably couldn’t fit through that gate. It was a long story of amateur herding efforts but as far as we know the deer escaped alive and well and bounded away.

One Response to “A day of silence? Please?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No easy solutions to these situations, especially since we have a huge arsenal of weapons already in our country. Even gun control wouldn’t help. Nothing will change, the carnage(for whatever reason and in whatever place) will just continue on…and on.