Hanging out with my cat

decayExcept that I do not have a cat. Or a dog. Or a mini-horse. Or a guinea pig. Or a goldfish. Or any pet. I did get to hang out with my grown-up beach urchins today. The Prince of Denmark was up and into the house before 8:00 AM and sewing all morning. Apparently she began the night in the hammock but eventually moved into the Lyme Lounge.

Lizard Breath arrived in the late morning and we all headed downtown for lunch at the Griz. Everyone except The Prince of Denmark walked down and back. The Prince had to get to work and so she drove Daisy. She also had barely enough time to eat and could only take a couple sips of the GG’s beer. The rest of us were able to have a second round. After that we headed up to Literati, then back down to Downtown Home and Garden and the Argus Farm Stop and back up the long hill to home.

I have been enjoying having my Mouse aka The Prince of Denmark around this month and I had a great time with my Quick Green Lizard today. She engineered some wonderful risotto to go with the chicken the GG cooked and I built the risotto while she soaked her feet [blister from hiking] in our loverly summery back yard. That kind of thing is what life is for me.

I’m kind of done done done with life today. Good night. KW.

One Response to “Hanging out with my cat”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love risotto. I’m also done with reality for a while. Gah.