Great gray-green greasy limpopo

goosesteppingNot here. Not any time. I don’t care how hot and swampy it gets around here. “We” are not quite ready to descend into senile old man-dom. Not there yet. ‘course, what KW doesn’t see, KW doesn’t know about and she is predictable in terms of ETA work-to-home 🐽.

That said… Do y’all see the orange construction type pole sticking out of Mrs. Goose’s back? Embiggen once or twice if you need to. I (and everyone else at Cubelandia) have been watching her walk around with this pole stuck in her back for a couple of MONTHS!!! In that time, she has laid and hatched eggs and her goslings are starting to look like teenagers. This is the first time I have had a close enough encounter with her to get a pic. NZO (my *sweet* and closest cube nayber) was also out walking around the building and she got one too.

Yes, the Humane Society has been called. Multiple times by multiple people. They have sent folks out to Cubelandia a few times but haven’t been able to get close enough to Mrs. G to manage to remove the pole. Apparently one person was in danger of losing a finger. We’re all into helping wildlife when we can but certainly not at the expense of someone’s finger. I know about that kind of thing. Titanium Pinky was “only” broken and she is probably 99% back and is even growing wrinkles on her knuckle. Losing her would have been unthinkable.

And so, our humane society has sent folks out to Cubelandia multiple times to observe Mrs. G and/or try to remove the pole. They believe she is healthy but plan to revisit and hopefully by August her goslings will be old enough that a person might be able to approach her and remove the pole, assuming that act doesn’t compromise her health (or the person’s fingers).

I had been feeling kind of guilty that I hadn’t called someone out there myself (I HATE making phone calls) but I kind of figgered that other folks were on it, like the inimitable KennyP. And of course she did make that call. When the Humane Society explained the situation to her, she said something like, “I’m not a mom but I get it.” Actually she is a mom. She’s our building mom and we love her!

And yes, I do know that the Kiwanis Thrift Shop has drop-off hours during the week. I do not try to make my brain remember what those hours are because I *work* during the week. But. Please put some pants on and take advantage of those weekday drop-offs. Drop off some of those old-fashioned lamps we’ve inherited from various sources! For one thing… I’m sure there’s more stuff we could get rid of.

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  1. Sam Says:

    Polish Canada goose? (Not meaning to make light of serious problem that wildlife should not have to deal with…but still 😉 .)