Not the Prince of Denmark

hamletnotI am too taaaarrred to write a coherent post tonight but here is the Prince of Denmark holding up his script at our Oscar Tango table tonight. As luck (or habit) would have it, the folks at the table behind him are our long-time friends of Civic Theatre fame.

Actually this is *not* The Prince of Denmark. That title belongs to another family member, at least for a few more weeks. But the GG is reading Hamlet. He spied this little book on one of the bookshelves in the Munster Bedroom. Turns out that it was his sister Kathy’s book from 1967. Her name (Kathi) and the old Woodsboro phone number are written on the first page.

On our beautiful walk home tonight, we encountered old friends (mom and daughter) from our Save MYA days, MYA being an alternative middle school we loved and failed to save. It was great to see them but I am still puzzling over why they initially pegged me as “Skye’s mom”. Uh, no no no nooooooo. I am sorry but I have no words for this. Blonde moms and children all the way around but beyond the blonde, the resemblance ends abruptly. Liz and Mouse’s moom, thank you very much. I’m not sure if she really remembered me or my children or not but whatever.

And then there was how happy she was to see that I was “still” walking. What? I walk. That’s what I do. Alas, I remember a billion years ago when I encountered this woman in the woods and she said something about how wonderful it was that I could do so much walking despite my arthritis. WHAT ARTHRITIS? Clearly she had me mistaken for someone else or had been misinformed by I dunno who. Or maybe she was mistaking me for Skye’s mom, who actually couldn’t walk for a long time after a horrific head-on car crash. (She is doing fine now and has been for many years and you might be able to tell I have mixed feelings about her.)

Okay, KW, get off it. Up early tomorrow and off on a little Ninja Rocket Trip. Uncle Bill partay!

One Response to “Not the Prince of Denmark”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I was exhausted last night too(what a week!) but stayed in my house. You did LOTS more than that! I salute you. 🙂