Ninja Rocket Trip

Oh man I had some moments of trepidation about going north to the Cfam Group Home for a weekend overnight. It’s a three hour drive and and and… But we schlepped outta the rack early this morning and launched the Ninja up the I75 SUV Speedway. Destination, Houghton Lake.


There are a whole heckuva lot more Trump signs here than there are on The Planet Ann Arbor. No Tina Fey signs in either place though.


It may have been 5:00 somewhere but it was 11-something when the beer got broken out on the Pontoon Bote this morning. Don’t worry, the cap’n of the day aka The Lord of Linden didn’t touch a drop.


The Lord of Linden piloted us over to the state park and we anchored off the shore for a while. There are no alligators, crocodiles, or piranhas here. Maybe some leeches and things…


This fish hung around the dock at the Group Home for much of the day. Yes, there are a lot of minnows too.


How long has it been since I’ve taken a kayak out? Too long. The Lord of Linden was kind enough to dredge out the steps that attach to the end of the dock and install them so I could get out of the kayak without making an ungraceful exit.


And so Jim and Haley are collaborating on building a faaaar, The Lord and Lady of Linden are entertaining friends out on the Pontoon Bote (firmly docked in its hoist), The GG is reading Hamlet, and The Beautiful Becky and Chelsea are cleaning up the dishes. A beautiful ending to a gorgeous day. Good night, KW.

One Response to “Ninja Rocket Trip”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a lovely day! Our weather was atrocious and it was a calm day, which I needed after the end of the week at school. CRAZY!!