blueflagNot really a listicle in the strictest sense but about halfway through this semi-faaaardrill of a travel day I started wondering something like, “When can I sit down?” Except that I *was* sitting down for most of it because travel day and five hour drive. Anyway…

Launched from The Planet Ann Arbor about 20 minutes before 7 AM after a goodbye to The Prince of Denmark, who was just waking up for work.

Took the Lansing route for the first time in a loooonnng time.

Houghton Lake! Best Choice grocery for spinach pies and some of their good romaine lettuce and I fergit what else.

The CFam cabin to try to fix the webcam. Access blocked due to suspicious activity. Or something like that. Whaaaat? An eventual phone call to tech support yielded nothing helpful (as far as I know). The GG called, which was a a good thing.

Iggy! For more grokkeries (Family Fare), boat registration (Secretary of State), and lunch (Driftwood). Can I just say how different Iggy (St. Ignace if you don’t understand Yooper slang) is at this time of year than it is in December and/or April? So many businesses are closed in the winter. Today the place was hopping to the point where I didn’t think I was EVER gonna manage to make a left turn outta the SOS parking lot. But then, some folks who sat at the bar near us at the Driftwood… After one beer the barkeep asked them if they wanted another. “Oh no, we’re gonna catch the ferry and get drunk over on the island.” That would be Mackinac Island and they are probably drunk by now and I hope they are having fun. I mean that. We didn’t have another because we had miles to go and promises to keep.

Next stop? Moomincabin. Well, I was gonna get gas in Rudyard but the GG was so blissfully asleep when we got to Rudyard, even with all of the speed changes and stops to get there, that I decided we had more than enough gasoline in the Frog Hopper to do what we needed to do until tomorrow.

So, the Moomincabin. Get the propane stove going, turn on the water, flush the water heater, “adios” a bunch of big black flies, both dead and alive, and other random chores. Putting grokkeries away, putting laundered linens away, locating things like The Commander’s Riverside Shakespeare and the gardening glubs I bought a couple years ago. Two (count ’em) beach walks by KW (Fitbit tyranny). Finally, in the late afternoon, we sat up on the bank watching the botes go by. Or not. The Federal Baltic ambled over into the parking place, so not sure what’s going on with it. It is a salty and we get lots of Federal salties here. Baby Blue aka the Ken Boothe chugged on up and then I went up too, to the moomincabin to work on getting dinner ready.

Good night and love y’all,

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  1. jane Says:

    maybe I should jsut get in the car and come up this afternoon!