MandM, BandB, RandR. Your choice.

kwhlMandM. My uncle Duke, a loooooong time ago, when I was a sweet young thing and he was I dunno how old but he died (too young) at the age I will be on my next birthday. I lost myself in that sentence so I’ll just skip to the next one. Duke arrived at the moomincabin early one morning to give his best bud (my old coot) The Morning Report, which was that the great black and white hunter Muksaslooie had eaten MandMs for breakfast. You know. Moles and Milk.

Which brings me to the kind of MandMs you guys are thinking about, the little colored candies that we never eat, not even during the Halloween Season. I’m thinking about a Road Trip that I took once with the GG and The Comm and Grandroobly. I know that I was well into blahgging at that time but, for the life of me, I cannot find the trip. It HAD to have taken place in 2005. Why? For a couple reasons. 1) We were driving Daisy, which we bought in 2005 a couple of days after The Engineer died. 2) Grandroobly was in the vee-hickle with us. I mean physically, not just his ghost. There was a pretty short window of time between when The Engineer died and Grandroobly died. Nine months. Still, I cannot find mention of that trip anywhere in my blahg.

Anyway, our road trip was a day trip from my parents’ house in Sault Ste. Siberia down along the lower St. Marys River, farther than usual. We checked that the Barbeau area was still there and looked in on the Neebish Island Ferry and we ogled Conley’s for about the umpteenth billion time in my life. There is some connection between my grandfather and maybe the church and Conley’s but I couldn’t tell you what it is but nowadays we have some friends who seem to have a connection with Conley’s so maybe we’ll be able to sort that out one of these days. And the Rock Cut, where there was a P party, which is why I know that Grandroobly was there because I was not invited to participate in that particular part of the trip.

On down the river and then a car picnic in the woods on some two-track somewhere, barely Daisy-able. PBJ sandwiches and fruit and whatever and BandBs, as The Commander excitedly said, “BandBs! My favorite.” Um, do you mean MandMs, moom? Yes.

I’m sure that The Comm was genuinely excited about the BandBs MandMs (even though she could easily buy them at any time and schlep them anywhere) but I have to note that our fam used to fairly frequently snort a wee bit of Benedictine & Brandy at the moomincabin in the evening. BandB. Not the same thing as MandMs at all and it has been a coon’s age since we have had any B&B around. Liqueur in the evening? That is now reserved for a couple of winter holidays.

RandR? Man do I need more than the two days I am getting to extend this weekend into a four-day. We hit up Knight’s for dinner tonight and wouldn’t you know it, our waittress began the evening by spilling my tall glass of water all over everywhere. It was okay. We were unharmed and she was wonderful. And I am kinda done. I need more than a few long weekends here and there. I need a couple weeks. I hope to get that later this summer. Until then, I’ll take what I can get. I just hope it doesn’t come with any ticks. Yick!

Love y’all,

2 Responses to “MandM, BandB, RandR. Your choice.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t imagine losing my brother and my dad within a year. I’ve lost two brothers, about 6 years apart though. Still tough.

  2. Sam Says:

    Still laughing about Muksaslooie’s MandM breakfast; personally, I’ll pass on that menu choice….