It doesn’t take much

waxinggibbousSoooo, last week, The Queen Bee brought some chocolate to a potentially contentious meeting. It was teensy tinesy Hershey candy bars, nothing fancy, in a big bowl. Oh, and by the way, meetings at Cubelandia are rarely contentious, at least not in the way some of y’all might think, because we do NOT play pollyticks at Cubelandia. But that would be a whole ‘nother story.

We didn’t eat all of the QB’s candy at the meeting so it landed in the empty Printer/Food Cube next door to mine. And I was enjoying having it there, picking away at the chocolate, a few pieces a day. Yesterday it looked like pickings were getting slim. This morning I stopped at Meijer on the way to work because toilet paper. And I bought chocolate too. I topped off the bowl and throughout the day, I could hear people kind of whispering about “candy”. At some point, the bowl ended up at the edge of Louie-Louiiiii’s cube. I think that M did not want that continual temptation across from her cube. We were laughing about that because M probably weighs about 90 pounds soaking wet and runs marathon-type races frequently. But maybe not eating chocolate is how she keeps her girlish figure (besides running races). And her figure *is* girlish despite the fact that I heard her make a phone call recently and say to the person on the other end, “Hi, it’s Granny.” Love.

Me, I spent my day untangling a couple of the ultra-complex defects that FZ loves to file. Wrapping my brain around the convolutions that surround these defects in order to write about how to fix them makes my brain explode. I love doing the archaeological digs through previous versions of our product but sometimes the processing requires a few walking and/or xword breaks. Ultimately the detailed stuff FZ provides gives me the information I need to write up the required specification. If you understood any of that maybe you should be doing my job. I certainly don’t always understand what I’m doing. Maybe you would do better 🐸

I was aware of the Strawberry Moon last night (and the accompanying solstice) and I think that there were storms to the south of The Planet Ann Arbor that provided some beautiful skies. I could not see the Strawberry Moon as it rose because of all the trees behind our house. We’d have had to walk to the schoolyard or somewhere to see the moon rise but we were watching Shameless. A lot of people on The Planet also watched a beautiful thunderstorm to the south of us. We saw some lightning but didn’t pursue it any further. My pic today is the waxing gibbous moon on Saturday night at Houghton Lake. And ducks. And folks hanging out in the Pontoon Bote.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We had a pretty monstrous thunder storm (for us!) last night. My friend had dark chocolate, coconut covered cashews (from Costco) at lunch today and I devoured more than I should have. Comfort food!