Hey Moom, do you have white vinegar?

Why yes, of course I do. Or not.


Don’t worry, I had plenty of other kinds of vinegar around and one of them sufficed for potato salad. But. Am I turning into my mother? Once, in her later years, I called her at the Moomincabin from Houghton Lake. We were on the way up and I wanted to make sure we had Certain Provisions, one of them being cream for coffee. She looked in the fridge. Yes! And yes she did indeed but a sniff test may have told her that *really* she did not have coffee cream. It’s okay, that’s what the park store is for.

And then there was this. You have to click on it. Jeebus, I will have to get a better iPhone gif maker app. But not tonight.


He did sweep up a lot of stuff today. For one thing, yer fav-o-rite blahgger has been negligent about housework lately (and also absent). And you know? Being a prince gives you a lot of privileges but one of the requirements of being the Prince of Denmark is that you have to sew your own clothing. So there is probably some detritus floating into the Landfill Chitchen from that prodject, which is set up on the dining table just outside the chitchen. Don’t worry, being a prince also comes with plenty of privileges and perks.

It was very hot today. I mean hovering around 90, not 100 or 115(!) or whatever. I was grateful for A/C in my automotive vee-hickle and office but I hate it to be on in The Landfill. I’d rather fill one of those kiddie-type swimming pools with cold water and sit in that. I can’t quite process what it is like to live through a summer in some of the hotter parts of our country and would certainly use my central A/C if I lived there. 115? What?

For now, here in the beautiful green northern tier of our country, where we have had a hot day, The Pensioner emailed me a couple of pics to remind me of how much I love whatever heat our summers gift us with. There’s TP walking into Miller Woods back in November.


And here is yer fav-o-rite blahgger hamming it up after shoveling a ton of snow (I really *did* shovel a ton of snow that day) back in hmmm… Was it February? It was late in the winter and I could look it up but I won’t.


It is hot here today but only around 90 and there is a wonderful breeze and our big “whole house” fan is doing the job for us. Love you all and stay cool!

2 Responses to “Hey Moom, do you have white vinegar?”

  1. Sam Says:

    I used white vinegar tonight, too, on some non-traditional slaw (because of the many types of veggies, not just cabbabbage).

  2. Margaret Says:

    A pleasant mid 70s here, but I talked to Ashley and she was whining about the heat in LA, probably 90s. She has no A/C in her apartment and no car, so I’m sure it’s pretty miserable for her.