A beach day with (thankfully) a good ending

As much as I love watching the sun set over the water, mornings are also beautiful here. Note that the water is like glass in the next few early morning photos.


A sort of surreal view from the water’s edge to Round Guano Island.


And the mid-1800s (?) dock that I cannot stop taking pictures of. When I was a kid, you could still walk out on this thing over wooden boards.


We took the Motor Bote down to the state park to launch it for the summer. Note that the water is still like glass.


And the Motor Bote arrives at the moominbeach (and note that the water is *still* like glass).


The GG and I decided to take the Motor Bote around Birch Point to see about what was going on in Port[er]landia, which was basically nothing despite the GG yelling from the water and probably waking up the entire neighborhood. Lizard Breath and I did become porterized today but it was a just a quicky at the park store. Here we are launching and note that the water is still calm albeit not quite glassy at this point.


On the way home we circled Round Guano Island. It was bad enough when I heard something hit the water near the bote and the GG said that we had almost been shat on. When they started to attack I was like LET’S GET OUTTA HERE! The Birds anyone? The seagulls do nest on that island and we were definitely disturbing them.


It wasn’t all fun and games. The Pensioner swabbed the deck. I cropped the photo because underwear. He doesn’t want you to look and you don’t want to see. I have to say that so far it can be handy to have a pensioner around. Except in the mornings when I am trying to get to work. And the afternoons when I need space after work. Anyway. The deck needed swabbing and he did a good job. And there was a decent breeze by this time but the lake was still safely navigable for small crafts like kayaks and the Motor Bote and we took both of them out.


So then. Later in the afternoon, there was this.


Yup, it’s big black clouds over Whitefish Bay. Will it be a plassover or will it hit us? You never quite know here at the moominbeach. But let me ask you this. If you saw clouds like this, would you take a flimsy little kayak out to an island a half mile away? An island where seagulls might see fit to attack you? I certainly would not. Who knew what kind of weather might hit where and how big the waves might get.

We watched a Darwin Award contestant launch and head toward the island. Surely he will notice the sky and turn around, we thought. Roight? No. He went BEHIND the island as the wind started to pick up. What to do? When do we call the Coast Guard? Lizard (and I) went down to the place the nincompoop was staying and talked to the *children* on the beach. Yes he had a life jacket (good). Not sure if he took his phone (bad, and I have a dry bag or two or three he could’ve borrowed). Those children were *thinking* about calling him. I was thinking about calling the Coast Guard. I did not want the GG to take the Motor Bote out in that threatening weather. Jeebus…

He did make it back safely. I stood on the beach in my rain jacket to watch his arrival. The water was not glassy any more. Whitecap waves. Not huge ones but big enough to swamp a small kayak. I hope he saw me standing there and I hope he knew that I was watching him because I was concerned about him and didn’t want to watch a tragedy. As it turned out (and often does) we didn’t get much of a storm but boy oh boy did we get a seiche! I am standing on the second sandbar here.


So all’s well that ends well. Love y’all, KW. But please please please take water and bote safety seriously. And the water is again like glass.

4 Responses to “A beach day with (thankfully) a good ending”

  1. Sam Says:

    Major seiche!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Gitcheegomie wake up call this morning. Sounded like a foghorn. Arose to “sea”. Stirred, not shaken, went to park store. Glad to hear the entire crew landed well at East Birch point! Interesting seiche.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Glad no one was injured. Bad weather can roll in fast on the water. I do prefer it when the water is like glass. 🙂

  4. jane Says:

    seiche out to the second sandbar! cool!