I’m back in the USSR Trollandia. You don’t know how lucky you are.

seicheYesterday’s post showed our seiche when the water was out. A seiche is kind of a sloshing phenomenon though and after the water goes out, it usually comes back in with a vengeance. We were eating dinner when the water came in so we missed it but when we got back down to the beach for a walk, we could see the high water line. That black stuff? We called it “sawdust” when we were kids. I’m not sure if that’s what it really is although in those days there was an active timber industry up in Cananananada. Or maybe it’s left over from when *our* beach was lumbered over in the 1800s??? Whatever that black stuff is, it is benign and can create some beautiful patterns on the sand. Pockets of it migrate around on our beach, which I think fits the description of “sugar sand”. Soft on bare feet, unlike some otherwise beautiful beaches I have traversed. And that’s okay. I can wear shoes on a beach. Heck, I wear them on *this* beach when it’s snowing! But it is nice to be able to walk barefoot.

So, when dooya wanna leave, KW? How ’bout never? But leave we did. I like to get back to the Planet by about 5 or earlier and I think we actually drove out before 11 but I couldn’t tell you for sure. I won’t bore you with the details about closing up the cabin for whatever length of time it’ll be closed up. Dishes, food, garbage, laundry, sweeping, not exactly in that order and sometimes involving little infinite loops. Like when you pack up all of the garbage and then you have a paper towel or something. And the detritus that gets tracked in after I have done an admittedly cursory sweep and vacuum. It’s all organic material. It won’t kill anyone. We will never reach ground zero about all of that stuff and after the Old Cabin Sheet Incident (which defies description), all I can say to my OCD self is something like GET A GODDAMN GRIP! I did manage to convince the GG to leave the moomincabin curtains open. There is no reason to button up the moomincabin in that way in the summertime. Relatives live on either side and they damn well know when someone drives in. I would like them to feel like the place isn’t a tomb. Please. Don’t close the curtains.

Drove tandem with Lizard Breath today. I am a moom and in a strange kind of way it is comforting to have my, uh, “baby”, on the road behind me. Not sure if she agrees with that or not. We are both pretty darn good road warriors these days. Anyway, we stopped for gas at Indian River and I was remembering a long ago day when the beach urchins and I were driving tandem to the moominbeach. Liz was a new driver and she and Mouse were driving… Hmmm… What was Liz driving? Jeep or Dogha maybe, I can’t remember. I think I was driving the dern POC. We stopped at Indian River and next to us was a young fambly who were changing a newborn baby girl in the back seat of their vee-hickle. I did a time warpy kind of thing where I remembered doing that with our kids when they were babies and fast-forwarding to when that baby girl would be helping her parents schlep vee-hickles up north. Which is probably maybe next year for that young child. You go girl.

I won’t go into detail about our whole trip today but we lucked out today by taking the I475 Flint (yes, that Flint) bypass instead of sitting in traffic for hours. And the GG and I managed to snake through the Fenton area on US23 before a severe storm hit. I felt like the atmosphere was unstable but the weather radar didn’t show anything. We got a few big raindrops but then we drove out of it and later on it seemed that it had blown up into a big storm and traffic was slow there which may have meant that people couldn’t see jack-doodly. We all made it home without incident.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Kids grow up too fast. How does that happen? Happy you are safe at home and had no weather issues!