Brexit Scexit [Texit]

crayfishSaid Mr. Nyet (Russian) to Mr. Luv (Scot). Or something like that. Me? This morning? I was running around tripping over myself like a chicken with its head cut off trying to git outta here and over to Cubelandia today. When I got there I was actually kind of exhausted. That’s not normally how I approach Monday mornings. I’m complicated when it comes to Mondays. I actually welcome the beginning of a new work week. It takes my brain a while to engage though. And that’s okay with the folks I work for/with. We had a rather epic Monday today. I heard Louie-Louiiiii say something like, “It’s weird here today.” Indeed.

11 years ago today it was also a weird Monday, a much weirder Monday than today. Backing up a day, we were at Houghton Lake and I actually had a blasted *argument* with the Uncly Uncle about garbage. Specifically who would schlep it home. I told him I didn’t have room for it in my handy dandy Planet Ann Arbor garbage cart and he sneaked it into the back of my vee-hickle *anyway*. This cracks me up nowadays because nowadays there is rarely more than one tall kitchen bag of garbage in my garbage cart. And it also cracks me up because arguing about garbage pales given what happened next and I hope I don’t ever argue with anyone about garbage again.

We got home that night and my brother’s wife @DogMomster emailed me a couple of times about his health. Which was bad due to a nasty chronic disease and had deteriorated to the point that he was struggling to breathe. I don’t remember all of the details of that awful night but I think that eventually The Commander got involved and said, “Call 911.” That call was made and I did not sleep well that night.

waveI touched base with @DogMomster early the next day and since things were uncertain, I went out and did some random shopping and stuff. I was antsy. Sometime in the mid-morning I got the call that my brother’s condition was unstable and it looked like he might not make it. I grabbed Froggy and got into the Dogha and about halfway down N. Maple I realized I didn’t have my purse or phone or anything important (except Froggy). I knew I would need those things later so I backtracked to get them.

As it turned out, I did end up helping with my brother’s exit from life that day. There’s no point in me recounting that moment. After some time with Jim and his family, I walked out to the parking lot with @DogMomster. It was a blazing hot day and we were both kind of reeling like what the hell did we just do?

I drove back down to the Planet Ann Arbor and then began a series of boomerang type trips. Sault Ste. Siberia the next day to pick up the parents. Back to the Landfill the next day *with* the parents. Funeral in Grand Blanc (@DogMomster has since moved to Bay City). Back to Sault Ste. Siberia. New vee-hickle (Daisy) purchased somewhere in the middle of all this. I drove her to work for a while but then I bought the Ninja and gave her to Mouse.

I guess I’m done with this for now. Miss you bro.

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  1. Tonya Says:


  2. Pooh Says:

    Miss you, Jimbo!

  3. Paulette Attie Says:

    Hugs. <3 Jim was one on a million. Great guy.

  4. Margaret Says:

    I’m sure it still seems surreal to you. Patt’s death does to me. Love you!