Much ado about nothing. Really.

Ho hum. My team (all two of us) met with our new supervisor (as of next week after the Queen Bee retires). Although I love the new QB (don’t have a blahg handle for her yet), it was kind of a no-brainer since I have been working *with* her for umpteen gazillion years and she knows me/us pretty well and can grasp the relatively few challenges we face in our jobs because she also knows all of the other personnel that we *all* work with and I expect things to go on pretty much as they have albeit maybe with a bit more interaction.

And sigh… I don’t mind when people tag me on facebook even if the tag links to an Ugly or something. But please don’t tag me if you think I might be an expert at something. Plants in particular. There are a few people (beloved to me by the way, who I don’t think read this blahg of blather) who often seem to conflate my love of being outdoors and photographing flora and whatever fauna I can catch with my iPhone into plant identification expertise. I actually can identify some plants. They are mostly northern woods wildflowers and I know them after many years of hiking with people who KNOW what they are. Beyond that? People, plant identification is not my strong suit! I do not know what that thing is in your garden or what to do about it. I earn my pretty darn good pay by talking to computers.

That said, here is some flora that I encountered on our last morning at the moomincabin on Engineers Day weekend. It had rained and I always love to take photos in the rain. So here is a pine tree in flower. I wish I could tell you whether this is a red pine or a white pine. I do actually know the difference thanks to my granddaddy (I was VERY young when he took us cousins on a walk down the old road to the Three Sisters and taught us about the pine trees around our beach). But I couldn’t tell you which kind of tree this is in this close-up. I want to say White pine but… We have both in our forest and I’m just not sure. But look at that purple.


Next up we have what I have come to know as service berry. I think that’s what it’s called but not sure because not plant identification person. When I was a beach urchin, we called these berries sugar plums. They turn into sorta big purple berries and they are edible and sweet. But not plentiful enough to make pies out of and maybe not the right thing either. Service berry pie? Hmmm….


Lastly, I think this flower will eventually turn into red berries. We called them bunchberries. I’m not sure that’s the proper name for them. We were taught not to eat them. Not sure if they are poisonous or just unpalatable but we did not eat them.


We also knew not to eat snakeberries, which are blue but are not blueberries.

2 Responses to “Much ado about nothing. Really.”

  1. l4827 Says:

    That was berry interesting 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    You know way more than I do! No one EVER asks me about plant identification. 😉