A mountain lion salute on Prince Day

catlionI tried to catch this customer on “film” two mornings in a row this week. He avoided me the first day but yesterday he sat there and glared me down for a long enough time that I could get a picture. And yes, I mean “glared”, not “stared”.

I do *not* have a pic of the Prince Triplets at Cubelandia today. Me, Mary, and KennyP were all wearing royal purple tops. In keeping with her wonderful over-the-top personality, KennyP had the most flamboyent outfit. Mary and I were wearing purple sweaters over whatever, in my case, the regular Chico’s traveler black tank top that is a staple of my “uniform”. We’ll go into “uniforms” some other day but that term (for me) originated with The Commander and I could go on and on about where I think that kind of thing came from (lunches at Kenny’s Pitchen) but I won’t. At least not today.

It wasn’t until the end of the day that someone mentioned our clothing in terms of Prince. I don’t know what Prince’s timeline was exactly but I sort of think he might have hit the big time when people like Mouse were demanding things like, “Dinosaurs on!” whenever I got into the car. Wee Sing Dinosaurs. I did the 60s and most of the 70s. The 80s are [arguably] lost to me. The 90s? I was driving tweens and teens all over The Planet Ann Arbor in the POC with 89X (alternative rock) playing in the background and the car clock seven minutes fast. They may not have known it (or maybe they did [wink]) but I LOVED IT! Oasis was one of my faves. Actually, all of the kids knew about the POC clock. 💜

Anyway, we decided that since so many of us were wearing purple today that we were honoring Prince, whether or not he gives a god damn that we are doing that, given where he is now. Mary is only a couple years younger than me (and has teenage grandchildren) but she is a fan. I’m not sure what KennyP thinks about Prince. I’m thinking I should revisit his music…

One Response to “A mountain lion salute on Prince Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The late 80s and 90s are lost to me with child rearing, then the 00s with teenage stuff, LOTS of driving!! I’m just lucky that I remembered to wear any clothes. 🙂