Free food

harvestIt turns out that I don’t even always have to pay money for food. And yes, I did take a zuke outta this basket. Do you know how weird it feels to be walking along with a penis-shaped object (albeit green) in your hand on your walk. Still, I’m cooking my zuke with onions and mushrooms. If we don’t have another brownout, I’ll be able to cook the rest of our dinner.

Last night we had a brownout for maybe 4-5 hours. It didn’t start up until we were done with dinner but we couldn’t watch Shameless last night. This is apparently the third brownout in about the last week. We were not hit by the first one but other neighborhood friends were. I dunno about the second one but we were up at Hoton Lake for a few days so maybe I missed something. This one we got. I dunno what’s going on. We are not prone to power problems in this neck of the woods. My own *personal* *uneducated* opinion is that all of these old ticky-tacky houses have been fitted out with central air-conditioning in the last 20 years or so (like ours) and when it gets hot out, everybody (but me) turns on their central A/C at once and the DTE infrastructure in this neighborhood is not up to the task. We certainly survived and we can cook just about anything on our gas grill if we need to.

Where was I? I had to schlep over to Cubelandia today and that was fine except that what I really wanted to do was help The Prince of Denmark move stuff into her beautiful new digs. It wouldda been fun but I asked her (in jest🐸) if I would just be in the way and after a bit of erudite b-dah b-dah-ing, she admitted that YES, I would prob’ly be in the way. I knew that! 💜 I remember asking Lizard Breath if I could help her with her move down into Detroit a couple years ago. Yes. She encapsulated me into a particular job, which was packing the billion dishes she has from The Commander. She knew that I could bubble wrap all that stuff with aplomb and it would keep me out of “trouble” 💜

Then, in the late afternoon at Cubelandia (which is very sleepy this week), I received a text message that someone had withdrawn another bunch of money from an ATM. That was okay but I was puzzled because that person did the same thing yesterday. Is this unusual activity? It wasn’t. When I arrived home, The Prince of Denmark was here and she reported that the person of ATM withdrawal had left to drive to *Jackson* to buy a used computer. What? It has to do with the webcams at Hoton Lake, which are currently being run off a 12-year-old laptop with a “Double Trouble” sticker on it. The new one is a Mac Mini. My fingers are crossed that it’ll solve our slowness problem there.

I have to say that I am reluctant to buy things on Craig’s List/eBay if you have to meet people at their homes or a parking log lot. But waaaaayyy back in the day when @BigBandGuy (trombone player) was still alive, he would buy and sell trombones via Craig’s or eBay or whatever. I worried about him meeting people in parking lots at first but then I thought, “TROMBONES”. I have known more than a few trombone players in my life and believe me, those folks are not generally the people you need to worry about shooting you or cutting your throat or whatever. Stuffing donuts down the tuba maybe? Yes. And other weird nerdy practical jokes. Love.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There have been some issues with Craigslist here, so we are all very cautious. I get in the way of any moving project because I don’t really know how to help. 😉