Duck Duck, uh, what rhymes with duck? Oh yeah, Goose!

reardenA weird day or not so much. I got to work after the holiday weekend and pretty much nobody was there except for our loverly prodject manager. We’ve had prodject managers off and on since I have worked over at Cubelandia. They don’t usually last but I can tell that this one will. She just “gets it”. That’s about all I will say about that.

Anyway, my beloved supervisor retired last Friday. Man oh man, she CRIED when I hugged her goodbye. I wasn’t quite prepared for that but I squeezed her extra tight. I love you Queen Bee. When I was first hired as a student intern, I arrived at Cubelandia and The LSCHP (boss to both of us then) was not there yet. But he had given instructions for the Queen Bee to take me under her wing. The last intern the LSCHP hired sorta got assigned to The Queen Bee even though she wasn’t a manager at that time. He was a HARVARD student and I was thinking something like, “this guy is gonna be a hard act to follow”. The Queen Bee didn’t know what to do with me my first day but she somehow managed to keep me busy with html work on the hi-fidelity prototype that I am nowadays very protective of.

But follow the Harvard guy I did, and at the end of my internship, they hired me! Full time salary and bennies boogity boogity. The Queen Bee and I worked side by side for a really long time but eventually the LSCHP got kicked upstairs to become the Benevolent Despot and I began reporting to the Queen Bee.

Why I call her the Queen Bee is because Broooosie (who LOVES the Queen Bee) came by my old cube once to talk about the Queen Bee and the Worker Bees. Those worker bees would be me and Cube Nayber. Is this kind of thing politically incorrect? Yes. But. It’s Broosie. Broosie of stuffties and glass and stuff. I took some of Broosie’s stuff home during our recent Cubelandia renovation and it is still in my cube so he can get it back whenever he wants it.

Missing my beloved supervisor but I am part of a new work family now, working for the Tall Boss. I have also known her for years and I’ve been sitting in the aisle with her “family” since our renovation so I think this will work out. But I will still miss the Queen Bee because friend.

One Response to “Duck Duck, uh, what rhymes with duck? Oh yeah, Goose!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am dreading retirement because I know I will miss MANY people–just not the bell schedule, the testing and the other bureaucratic crapola. Still, the people are the best part of my job.